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New month and therefore a new update for the game!

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Hello everybody !

New month and therefore a new update for the game!
This new version solves many bugs listed below, update the vegetation, corrects some areas already present, improves the gameplay and adds the playable demo of the game.

The work done on the demo and the fix of many bugs did not allow me to work on adding a new area as originally planned. Creating the demo took much longer than expected. This new area will therefore be available in the next version.

Information: The playable demo will be available on Steam and from February 3, 2023 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Update note:

Store update:
Some images have been updated and the addition of the demo will add a new banner to the store in order to download this demo of the game.

The demo that will be available will allow you to play the first part of the tutorial in order to understand the operation and style of the game. It has no time or game limit, you will simply be stopped at a specific place in your adventure.

- Engine update from Unity 2020.3.43f1 to Unity 2020.3.44f1.
- Fixed global game colors.
- Significant work has been done on the vegetation so that it better matches the Calanques. All trees, grasses and hedges have been reworked and their procedural placement in the universe has been revised in order to generate forests or plains closer to the landscapes of the Calanques region. All the vegetation of the levels already available has been procedurally regenerated and corrected manually.
- The terrain textures have also been reworked in order to obtain better mixes between them and colors closer to the desired rendering.
- Improved the effect of the arrow which is destroyed when it hits the stone.
- Added a shadow of your character on the ground to help you understand where your character is in the environment.
- Adjustment of the display of the decals to avoid the stretching of their textures (Textures which are added on the 3D elements in order for example to age a building.).
- Improved rendering of water at long distances.

Level :
- Simplified the level of the temple of Pluto when the player must climb a facade of the temple.

- The character automatically grabs ledges and ropes when jumping without having to press the F key (default). This improvement makes the game more fluid and less complex to understand. For example, if you jump to grab a rope, even if you miss the right moment to press the F key, but you aim for that rope correctly, the character will automatically catch that rope.
- Updated the tutorial to include this new feature that allows the player to automatically grab ledges and ropes when jumping. Also added some useful information about swinging with a rope.
- Improved space and shift key icon to be more visible and understandable.
- It is now possible to skip the intro video when you create a new game with the space key. You will arrive directly at the beginning of the tutorial.
- Increased movement speed when the player is crouched.
- Added new real-time help system when grabbing a rope or ledge and when crouching.
- Added a quick delay so the player can automatically grab a rope while jumping.
- Return of death which was previously disabled for its malfunction. When you fall with a definite speed or for a definite time and/or from a definite height, your character may die and make you reappear at the last save point.

- Added links in the main menu to direct access to the latest patch notes, to report a bug and to the game's websites and stores.

Animation :
- Added a new animation when the character swings on a rope.
- Transition animations when the character drops a rope or swings are faster.

- Added a new sound when an arrow sticks in the wood.
- Increased arrow, bow and player sounds.

- Fixed an issue that could cause the player to stay in the landing position indefinitely after jumping.
- Fixed a translation issue for the French language. The word spear had not been replaced by the word bow.
- Fixed a bug that caused the player to get stuck on a ledge and not be able to let go after grabbing that ledge with a bow or torch equipped.
- Fixed an issue that could propel the player very high after grabbing a rope automatically.
- An issue could cause you to automatically grab a rope after dropping an Ivy Rope.
- The ivy ropes could reappear after being used as a classic rope.
- Fixed an issue that caused the player to get stuck when grabbing onto a ledge after jumping. The character remained in a jump position for a while without being able to move.
- Fixed an issue that could cause a ledge near the ground to automatically re-grab after dropping it.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the player to jump on an area limit wall (therefore invisible) and be able to climb beyond the limits of the play area.
- Character and horse footsteps are now generated correctly. Footsteps on terrain had a higher priority than footsteps generated on structures. Which is a problem when you're walking on cobblestones in a tower and you hear the sound of footsteps in the grass of the terrain 50 meters below.
- An issue with the displacement force for swinging the character on a rope could cause you to swing in the wrong direction than the intended one.

See you next month for the 0.4.08 update!

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