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And happy holidays to all! A lot of improvement for this last update of the year 2022.

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Hello everyone !

And happy holidays to all!
A lot of improvement for this last update of the year 2022.
2023 should follow the same rhythm with a major update per month until the release of early access during the year 2023.

Update note:

Store update:
All store content has been updated with new video, new images, new logo and new game description. This store update was very important because the previous version of video, images and description were over 2 years old.

Added achievements:
As promised, here are the first achievements that have been implemented!
8 achievements have been added for the moment, but many more will be added later. These achievements are available to users of the Steam and non-Steam versions of the game.
For Steam users, achievements are linked to your account like all Steam achievements. But they are also related to your game. So if you delete your game, you are deleting unlocked achievements from that game only, not from Steam.
For users of non-Steam versions of the game, your achievements are tied to your game, if you delete your game, you delete your unlocked achievements.

images achievements

Game demo:
A free download demo of the game is in preparation and will be available soon!
This demo will allow you to play the first part of the tutorial freely. So about 30 minutes to 1 hour of play depending on the players.

Spear replacement:
This update replaces the use of the spear with a bow. I had wanted to replace the spear with a bow for several months in order to simplify the gameplay.
Using the spear was illogical and cumbersome to use. The bow that was already available in versions 0.1 and 0.2 of the game had been replaced in version 0.3 for gameplay logic that was never used in the end (object creation).
The bow is simpler and more intuitive to use and makes aiming easier. New animations have been created with new sound effects.


Accounting for hours:
A new menu is available when you select your save from the main menu. This new menu shows you the real time played (excluding menu and loading time). The number of achievements and secrets unlocked and the number of orbs collected from the selected save game.

Improved graphics:
- Engine update from Unity 2020.3.42f1 to Unity 2020.3.43f1.
- Color correction and improved fog quality.
- Added a slight Motion Blur to the player camera.
- Improved the appearance of trees with a smoother transition of the different LOD's.
- Tree trunks are now moving. Before only the leaves waved in the wind.
- Improved indirect light rendering with higher lightmap resolutions when needed.
- Significant improvement in the quality of shadows.
- Adjustment of the areas already created in order to adapt to the new colors.
- Adjusted the color of the sea and lakes.
- Significant modification of the mountains surrounding the levels. Their vegetation has been significantly increased for a more detailed rendering.
- Better rendering of indirect light for all objects in very large areas of the game.
- Readjusted the resolution of low vegetation such as grasses or hedges. Their resolutions were too weak.
- Improved rendering of appearances around the player of low vegetation in order to prevent them from suddenly appearing in front of the player.

decors 1

- Added a quick animation after a short jump to let the player know that the jump is over.
- Improved responsiveness of animations when the player grabs onto a rope or ledge.
- New sound effect when the character climbs or descends from a rope, but also when he swings.
- Released the use of the bow, the player can now jump, leap against a wall, run or fall from a height without the bow being automatically unequipped. The bow no longer unequips when the player shoots an arrow, you can now shoot several arrows in a row.

Level of the Temple of Pluto:
- The outer part of the temple in the Temple of Pluto level has been revised to make the area easier to navigate.

Important bug fixes:
- Fixed collision issues in the Temple of Pluto level. Some collisions were not present and the player could pass through walls.
- Fixed animation issues when the player falls from high and landing animation activates, the player could get stuck in this position if torch or bow is equipped.
- Adjustment of the aiming aid system, it moves less quickly and no longer passes through collisions without giving information on the materials (wood or stone).
- Fixed audio of the Tintinnabulum bells in the Temple of Pluto level, the bells no longer reverb as much as before which could distort their bell sound oddly.
- In the first level of the tutorial where you have to grab an ivy and then a ledge for the first time, the ivy has been brought closer to the ledge in order to make it easier to grab onto the ledge.
- In the first level of the tutorial where the horse is used for the first time, the tutorial is now displayed correctly and first tells you how to move your horse forward and then stop it.

See you next month for the 0.4.07 update!

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