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Hello there! We finally get to release the mappack that is suited for v0.33!

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Hello there!
We finally get to release the mappack that is suited for v0.33!
By this update, all the glitches happened in the past mappack have been fixed.

Fixed Mappack for v0.33

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD Mappack (v0,33 compatible)

This is not a whole new mappack. There is only for fix some issues.

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD MapPack (v0.33 compatible)


1. Unzip aix2ex_mm_v033_mappack.rar
2. Copy mods folder and paste into where BF2 is installed
TIPS: If you installed previous version of mappack, then simply overwrite it. Even if not, still you can just place this mappack and you can play normally.


- Fixed crashes that occured when a player used thermal visions
- Added language packs for maps
- Adjusted view distance
- Added lightmap to some maps

IMPORTANT NOTICE - for the creators of these maps

Since we had to fix some glitches that occured upon adding some features like thermal visions, we edited and fixed some of the maps.
The file directory of skytexture, viewdistance reduction, lightmap addition, and minimap fixes.
If you have a problem with these, or you want us to stop distributing these edited maps, contact us as soon as possible. We immediately correspond to it.

Development Progress

It's been a while since we posted a news here last time, but we are still continuing developing. We are all engaged in creating the contents for the next version which is v0.4.
v0.4 will give you the better balance on multiplayer gaming by redesigning the weapon configurations and we are really on it.
Also, we plan to add some new weapons.
As the development goes well, then v0.4 will be released early July.

See you guys on the battlefield!


Turkish007 - - 3,265 comments

Hmm, good.

But I think its time to see some new vehicles ^^

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