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It`s release day tomorrow (due to a bug). Finally, after a bit of an activity low point, we`ve come back, and the team is back to work. As you`ll see in this update, we`ve covered a lot of the fields that were promised - our work here is mostly done, and Complex Enhanced will conclude within a few updates. We`re working on creating the new core script of Rebirth, and things are slowly coming along. If everything works out, we`ll make the transition in spring 2014.

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This is the final conceptual revisit of the Complex Enhanced series. Future updates will merely add new maps, and change balance. The shape and form of the mod you will see here is very close to what you`ll experience in the future Rebirth mod. We`ve brought the concept of the requirement system much closer to the vanilla system: for example you will have straight access to sub capital ships once the research module level is reached(Vaygr need chassis techs as always).

The changes are intended to bring more action to the game, and speed up gameplay to turn this into a more than standard competitive RTS game.
Stay tuned for more updates, and of course for our development of Rebirth, and the Kadeshi race!
Instructions for installation and change log can be seen below.Our development forum can be seen here :


Complex Enhanced 8.80

 Enhanced 8.8 Change log


Removed the chassis research pre-requirements from most Hiigaran strike 
craft, frigates and platforms to match the vanilla system
Vaygr no longer need to research the class chassis.
Vaygr rank restrictions from non capitals removed. Affected ship 
unlocker tech costs and research times doubled.


The Shuttle is now available for production after the unlocking 
technology is researched
The Hiigaran Anti Radiation modules are no longer restricted
Fixed a crash to desktop bug that was caused by the Hiigaran AI
Fixed the heavy ion cannon`s missing texture bug


The Hiigaran Command Fortress has been replaced by a scaled up model of 
the old weapon station
The Weapon station has been removed
Removed the Sniper Frigate
Removed the Defender
Removed the Swarm Corvette


Increased the armor of Hiigaran and Vaygr Carriers from 150000 to 200000
Increased the armor of the Vaygr Battle Carrier from 200000 to 275000
Heavy Fighter maximum speed reduced from 310 to 270
Docking and launch times have been greatly reduced for non-capital ships
Fast Plasma Cannons are now available at Science Division
Increased the base damage of the Assault craft from 45 to 55 per hit
Increased the base damage of the Lance fighter from 60 to 70 per hit
Decreased the armor of the Heavy fighter from 1135 to 1000 per 
squadron(200 armor each)

Vaygr Missile Battlecruiser Role change to anti Strike Craft Super 
detailed: HP reduced to 200k, Missiles changed to homeworld 1 type 
antifighter missiles.
Frontal Gun tuned to deal with frigates, faster ROF, lower damage.
Agility improved, speed increased to 85 m\s.
Missile control tower and concussion battery are built by stock (this is
 also its stock weapon, firing concussion missiles)
Removed minelaying drones and mortar missiles from the build options.
Price lowered to be the same of the standard battlecruiser.
Improved AI when engaging targets

Vaygr Command fortress (overall weapon restructuring):
Range increased in all the CF weapons to be a match to the hiigaran 
version (around 10k to 15k kms)
Turrets repositioned for full field of fire coverage
Changed the double kinetic cannons, for special anti fighter rapid fire 
Tuned Laser cannons to a much lower damage, higher fire rate to deal 
with frigates.
Large cannons replaced for special Heavy Mortar Cruise missiles (anti 
Firing arcs modified so it can fire at targets on its same XY plane and 
to avoid 100% firepower focusing.


Renamed the Hiigaran Imp Bombs tech to Heavy Bombs to better resemble 
it`s role
Renamed the Vaygr Dreadnaught to Dreadnought
Renamed Vaygr Missile Battlecruiser Rapid Controller to Missile Control 
Renamed Vaygr Command Fortress Weapon sets to match their true 
Changed the description of Command Fortresses from Heavy Support Ship to
 Deep Space Station
Changed all damage upgrade values to +15 % base attack in order to 
increase overall battle duration
Removed the Weight effect of subsystems for better performance
Removed the forced station keeping during passive stance for better 
Carriers will no longer be able to build Cloaked scouts, only Chimera 
stations can from now on
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