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PVKII Beta 3.3 is now available for download on Steam! The spooktacular freaktures of this update are: updated menu and HUD, many many code fixes, and the much anticipated release of the bt_forgotten overhaul by Assigir The Nord, winner of the very first PVKII-Gamebanana contest.

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Beta 3.3 Update October 2015 Release Notes

[From October] Happy Halloween everyone!

Another October comes around and that means you can usually expect a PVKII update, and without further ado we're proud to announce our latest steampipe release, Beta 3.3.

PVKII Beta 3.3 is now available for download on Steam! The spooktacular freaktures of this update are: updated menu and HUD, many many code fixes, and the much anticipated release of the bt_forgotten overhaul by Assigir The Nord, winner of the very first PVKII-Gamebanana contest.

Remember, our Developer, Creator, and Contributor groups continue to evolve to help deliver you more content more frequently than ever before. We have many great things planned and in progress as we work hard towards a complete, well polished game. Please view our public trello boards to become more involved with development and share your voice with others in the community! Trello is a very handy visual tool we have been using more and more for our game. Note you will need a trello account to vote and that any information on the trello boards is subject to change. Feel free to vote on trello cards, provide feedback in our forums, make suggestions for our mod!

Please see below for a Changelog that details many of the changes in this release. Head over to our Bug/Support Forums to report any issues.

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PVKII October 2015 Update Changelog

Code Fixes and Updates
Combat System Changes/ Fixes

  • Added tracers to simulated bullets
  • Added view punch on kick block
  • Adjusted speed falloff curve to roll
  • Reduced roll duration from 1.0 to 0.9 seconds
  • Kicks while berserking have lower cooldown and more damage
  • Kicks while berserking can now penetrate block
  • Kicks now care about object mass
  • Cancel counterattack when activating a special
  • Improved kick cooldown bar
  • Fixed cancel anim playing when switching to javelin or throwaxe
  • Fixed being able to shield bash and kick at the same time
  • Fixed being able to shield bash while rolling
  • Fixed kick and roll animation when crossbow is empty

Character Class Changes/ Fixes

  • MAA can now special with all his weapons
  • MAA now uses "CharacterShader" instead of "VertexLitGeneric"
  • MAA now drops his hat on death
  • Fixed MAA not yelling his round start cheer
  • Enable movement at 120 units per second when reloading SS rifle or blunderbuss
  • Added knockback on SS rifle hit
  • Allowed reloading SS pistol while rolling
  • Made smoke effects more transparent so bullet tracers are easier to see
  • Increase blunderbuss bullets from 8 to 15
  • Reduced blunderbuss bullet damage so the total damage matches what it was before the bullet count was increased
  • Reduced player push force
  • Spear and Two-Sword damage achievements now count special hits
  • Fixed parrot kill giving special for active special users
  • Added HK special voice line
  • Fixed Skirmisher having incorrect voice line on keg kill
  • Fixed javelin headshot giving wrong "killed with" string
  • Apply immediate speed reduction when Archer starts charging his bow
  • Disallow kicking while holding archer special
  • Allow camera movement while reloading Archer crossbow
  • Allow camera movement while reloading MAA crossbow
  • Fixed ugly animation transition from normal idle to empty idle after shooting crossbow or SS rifle
  • Fixed wobbly north-east run
  • Added IK rule to keep sharpshooter's powder horn in his hand
  • Fixed missing aim layer when standing still


  • Added new HUD styles
  • Added new full screen Character Info menu
  • Added drop down menu into scoreboard, right now includes muting and view steam profile
  • Added gold glow effect to chests that can be picked up and teammate chest carriers glow through walls
  • Added hints to the Character Info menu
  • Added scrollbar mouseover colors
  • Added "Round starts in x" timer when waiting for players
  • Added team trinket particles on the HUD
  • Added a new voice status element
  • Added a transparent background to hints
  • Added indicator that shows whether an attack can be PP'd or not
  • Added friendly/enemy indicator to target ID
  • Added options for chat text color
  • Added more class-specific stats to UI
  • Added Credits button to main menu
  • Added percentage and length stat formatting types
  • Parrot name can now be changed from Character Info
  • Changed font in spectator view
  • Show default loading dialog when the client is downloading files
  • Removed black bars in spectator mode
  • Tweaked HUD marker fonts
  • Added credits dialog
  • Headshot! and Crit! messages now use damage display HUD element
  • Added headshot and crit messages into console death notices
  • Fixed server-triggered menu sometimes showing the voice menu
  • Replaced buttons with player class icons in Statistics
  • Adjusted distance markers text position
  • "Thanks" voice command now appears in chat
  • Made main menu buttons translatable (images replaced with text)
  • New scrollbars in chat panel and engine tools
  • Show the menu background image behind the statistics panel
  • Changed 'boarding to' text when loading a custom map
  • Fixed kick icon on parrot fire deaths
  • Resized model in class select


  • You're Not So Special - Kill someone (else than Berserker or MAA) while they are doing their special
  • 999th Way To Die - Kill an enemy using a gate
  • Cross Country - Steal a chest from each team in one life
  • Lord Of The Grove - Capture all chests in Pinegrove before the other teams capture any (12+ Players)
  • Tree Hugger - Capture the a neutral chest first before anyone else in Pinegrove
  • Seven Years In The Making - Win 7 rounds in Pinegrove
  • Fixed Monsieur Limbhurt achievement having incorrect goal
  • This is Sparta/Madness achievements changed, you need to kick your enemy to fall death now
  • Disabled unused MAA achievements
  • Various new achievements and updated art

Misc Additions/Fixes

  • Updated to latest SDK2013 code. The engine exploit has been fixed, sprays and custom files have been re-enabled
  • Added option for changing Steam overlay notification position
  • Added splash when player hits the water
  • Added friendly fire damage reduction
  • Added teamkiller auto-kicker
  • Added message when teammate hurts a friend
  • Added server tag for friendly fire
  • Added +roll and +kick commands
  • Added excited expression for active special users
  • Added a taskbar icon
  • Added some missing entities to pvkii.fgd (trigger_jump, trigger_stun etc.)
  • Added spawnflags for npc_vulture (pooping and take damage)
  • Increased the limit of ambient_fmod sounds playable to 255
  • Fixed ragdoll projectiles not dying
  • Fixed water/sky flickering
  • Fixed the end round camera having incorrect angles
  • Fixed autobalance not working on disabled team maps
  • Fixed player title only showing if local player has achieved the title too
  • Fixed non-local players not having footstep sounds
  • Fixed drowning sounds not playing
  • Fixed fart death being shown as crit
  • Fixed npc_maker
  • ambient_fmod sounds now mute on Alt+Tab
  • Disabled development cvars in retail build
  • Removed chest throw delay after 'not enough room' message
  • Added “player_special_hit” event
  • Damage events no longer ignore armor
  • Fixed "player_kick" event returning incorrect damage value
  • Fixed weapon field in “player_ranged_impact”
  • Event “player_kick” is now fired on miss
  • Fixed autobalance moving player on round end
  • Fart cloud damage value can now be tweaked on weapon script
  • Added sequenced music speed inputs to ambient_fmod

Updated Maps

bt_forgotten (Mapper: Assigir The Nord)
Assigir The Nord gives bt_forgotten a much needed visual overhaul with all new textures, details, and secrets! The winner of the very first PVKII-Gamebanana Contest is proud to present the community his proud upgrade to a PVKII classic. See his 1st place submission here.

lts_gravedanger (Mapper: Miggog)
Optimization improvements
Improved texture alignments

tw_tortuga (Mapper: Ubermann)
Optimization improvements
Misc. minor changes

Castle assets from Yanzl
Updated weapon and character textures from el Negro

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