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Quick article to give you a few quick news about a possible close release on Steam.

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As the title says, we may be going to release the game on Steam quite soon.

It means that the game is finished? Well... unfortunately not. The main campaign it's roughly at a 60, but there are many things left to do once the core events have been programmed:

  • Waiting assets to be provided (3D models, voice acting lines)
  • Gameplay balancing
  • Performance optimization
  • Beta testing
  • Bug fixing

But there are good news. Even the old two voice actors for Ternion aren't available, I found a lot of brand new people who wants to participate in the project! It means that probably Ternion gonna have voice acted cutscenes and dialogues, but it will take a lot time.

I know, the "will take a lot time" sentence made the good news bad news, but with the Steam page available it's possible that a closed or open beta will be available. So every part of the game can be accessed in early access, or trough a demo.

My next step will be working on a Trailer to put on the Steam page, and I want this trailer to be representative of the game. I'll put all my effort into it, hoping that it will catch the attention of some people! It's been almost two years of work and I've literally shown very little of the game so far.


Another idea I recently got was to start streaming on Twitch part of the development. So people interested in the topic could follow my streams. They might be able to learn something about programming, Unity, 3D modeling, rigging, etc. The only problem is I have really basic equipment to do so and I would need a brand new microphone and webcam...

If I could actually involve some people in the decision to improve the game it would be a perk. I really received zero inputs outside that of a single friend (the only one who plays JRPGs).

And... well, I may have no many other things to say. If anything comes to my mind, well, I'll just write another post.

I'll leave you with one more picture. Bye!

Ah these guys... you'll hate me for those

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