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English version of Polish modification "The Golden Gate" for Gothic 2 Night of the Raven is now available. Please enjoy!

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In this mod we play as the Nameless Hero who leaves Myrtana, where the war was finally over, to get back to Khorinis to recall the good old times of his adventures. When he finally arrives to the town, he learns that something strange is happening in Jharkendar: the Paladins want get rid of the pirates but also, there's the threat of a plague sent by Beliar. Of course, the Hero decides to go there and restore some order...

The Golden Gate ENG

The mod offers:
- 10-20 hours of gameplay (4 chapters, 100 quests)
- new story that involves our old friends
- Jharkendar with three new camps
- the choice of one of the three available guilds (Paladin, Mage of Water, Orc mercenary)
- innovative quests, new skills, four levels of difficulty
- improved graphics, a lot of new textures, 3D models and some animations
- Polish voice-recording
- easter eggs

Please visit our site and here you can find Polish solution (it can be translated with the google translator).

Swyter - - 664 comments

God, I love the early Gothic games. They ooze atmosphere, liveliness, consequences and charisma. The only games you start by killing bugs for meat with an ugly stick as a hobo and you feel accomplished after selling peanuts, climbing the social ladder at great cost, fearful of what awaits out of the city walls. Neat, I still get chills!

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hirojeka - - 2 comments

I finished Golden Gate mod and i seen last world... my Questionn is : will be sometime in the future. any expansion for this MOD ? cause it looks amazing .

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