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Major update for our mod. New maps are ready: Iłża & Szack. This is new quality in BF1942 modding. Check out many new vehicles, hd ground and weapons.

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What's new?

  1. Useable bayonets for all sides!
  2. 1 minute time of staying wrecks
  3. High Definition ground textures
  4. TKS vehicle
  5. Wzór 1929 Rifle
  6. accurate ambients and effects
  7. equipment for POL,RUS,GER
  8. polish truck FIAT 621


This map is effect of our one year effort. Map moves us to central Poland where polish soldiers in 1939 tried to hold back overwhelming german troops. You can get in to polish tankette TKS or german Pz.I tank.

List of changes, credits and historical photos


In-game view of Iłża Castle


Place on the rim of map where you can hear radio ambientBF1942 2017 02 21 22 54 10 59

Added polish equipment - satchel with blanket on it

BF1942 2017 02 21 22 52 23 88

Download Battle of Ilza - Mod DB


Village on the eastern regions of II RP. It was the end of the September 1939 when Soviets, anticipating polish attack, rush on this village... Poles destroyed few tanks and attacked too.

You can use cannons or molotov to destroy Red Army or get in tanks like T26 or BT7 to wipe off Polish Army.

List of changes, credits and historical photos


Lake Lucemierz (today in Ukraine)

BF1942 2017 07 26 12 08 15 60

Cottages with new fences

BF1942 2017 07 26 12 09 14 96

Photo from testing - new truck "FIAT 621" on the right side


Download Szack - Mod DB

Phenixtri - - 3,414 comments

i do say this is a wonderful surprise of an update 0_0 job well done lads job well done

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Anthony817 - - 2,771 comments

Holy **** that is impressive texture work! Large maps too! I think I am gonna have to give BF1942 mods a go again. Been super busy working on my BF2 mod Battlefield: Korea that I just haven't had the time much to revisit my first love. :)

Now if only you can make the soft trees render crisp far off in the distance, and lower some of that fog of war, we could see the first steps towards a good HD mod for vanilla BF2.

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TomPL Author
TomPL - - 41 comments

Thank you for kind words. We are really glad that someone likes my work. Korea mod is also massive work. Our is only a mappack :)

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Anthony817 - - 2,771 comments

Yeah, recreating WW2/Korean era/early cold War stuff all from scratch on a base game that takes place in the modern era, it can be quite daunting at times! XD

Luckily we have the help from PR, PR:WW2, PR:V, IDF, BGF, EOD2 and even some much needed help from the FH2 CMP addon, so we get lots of help from the community.

Just because yours is technically a map pack doesn't detract from your awesome work! Just seeing those amazing textures shows me that you can really push the old engine quite far!

Also seeing the iron sights on the wz29, that is really amazing. Are you guys going back to standard BF42/FH sights? I noticed you said it will not be in the final release.

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blackmamba62 - - 29 comments

Great work, congratulations to the team that made it happen. Will download and try out these two maps.

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al13326 - - 198 comments

I have found several bug/s on the vehicles and stationary weapon listed below:

"Battle of Ilza"
-> Panzer II Ausf. C's primary and secondary gun barrels are overlapping the gunner's viewport.
-> Panzer IV Ausf. A's return rollers are missing.
-> wz.36 (aka Bofors 37mm AT gun) firing sound not audible enough to hear while firing.

-> The sound of T-26 main cannon while firing was missing.

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Jamovitz - - 14 comments

When I load the Iłża map the game starts but then immediately freezes then crashes when I click start?

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