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0.7b of Middle Earth Project, an Overhaul mod for Crusader Kings 2, has been released.

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Work continues as we've taken a look at the spawn of Morgoth, the Orcs.

With their combative nature in mind we're looking to inheritance, so as to keep their legions strong they will now only trust their finest to lead the armies of darkness. As such, strong orcs will now be the ones to inherit over their lesser comrades. The decision on strength will come with duels every four months having the victor becoming heir.

We have built on our overhaul of the War of the Ring scenario with a number of new alternate history paths based on Darkness winning the War for Rohan and/or the War for Gondor. With our expansion of the War of the Ring, we've now set up Saruman as a character of interest during this time.

Next up i'd like to inform you of cleanup in Gondor and surrounding areas in regards to landed titles, specifically in the Andrast, Harondar, Ithilien, Balfalas, and Lebennin.

To fill your downtime, we've expanded the Tour system with an option to visit 5 of the Dwarven Holy Mountains.

Finally we would like inform the elf fans that the king of the Woodland Realm and of Lothlorien, Oropher and Amdir have had their dynasties corrected so they each have their own. Amdir, in particular, has been granted a bloodline. Not to be outdone though, Gil-Galad has been changed to Finarfin's bloodline and family, connecting to Orodreth.

We thank you for your continued support and interest in the mod, and we hope you look forward to the next progress update.

You can get the latest Release Here:

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If you happen upon any bugs in your playthroughs, you can report them here:

Orc Inheritance

Saruman Era

saruman palantir

Blood of Amdir

Fly You Fools

Taking the Hobbits to Isengard

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Amazing, very nice the concept of orc warlike nature, trying it right now! keep up the good work guys.

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