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Hi guys! I recently got back to modding after a small hitius. My old computer crashed, but now I got a new one. With that said I managed to fix some issues that you have been reporting. One especially critical issue was fixed, which caused the player and npcs having no arms when wearing iron gauntlets. Enjoy!

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3.7 coming soon!

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes
* Fixed an issue where wearing iron gauntlets removed the players arms (if using 4.1 please remove the following mesh 'a_iron_skinned').
* Fixed an issue where the Silt Strider in Vivec clipped badly with the wall next to the Strider Port.
* Fixed missing ownership flags on hundreds of objects.
* Landscape fixes.

* Included fixes for Dwemer Ruins in Tribunal, so that they use the same textures as Morrowind base game.
* Included a ton of fixed and improved meshes.

* Compability patch for Julan Ashlander Companion.
* Compability patch for Tomb of the Snow Prince.


Thanks for always staying on-top of this!


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Soon i will be starting new Morrowind Game, with some mods like Rebirth, overhaul, Rise of House Telvanni and Wizards Islands (The biggest ones) and a few personal mods. But I Have a question, is there a way to set training cost to vanilla back again ? I remembered last time when i played, and giving out so much gold for few training points really hurted me as a non-hoarder player. Also I'am glad to see you still work on this project, keep up the good work !

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trancemaster_1988 Author

Yeah it's not hard, but you need to use either the construction set or tes advanced editor to fix that.

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