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Hey guys! It's time for v 3.0, and this is a big one. There's a lot more 'under the hood', but down below you can see some of the changes in 3.0. Enjoy.

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Morrowind Fixes

* Corrected a dialogue topic saying that: "The iron warhammer has a single head with a balancing spike to penetrate plate armor". This is incorrect. The iron warhammer has two heads.
* "Crazy Batou" is not longer "essential", as he's not related to any quests, and killing him does not have any negative consequences.
* Fixed incorrect water height in the following cells: Vivec, Telvanni Underworks and Vivec, St Delyn Underworks.
* Marayn Dren, Balmora Guild of Mages, will no longer sell summon spells. Summoning is illegal in Vvardenfell (I'll probably revert this "fix" in the next update).
* Added missing Shrine of St. Rilms and Shrine of St. Llothis to the Temples in Suran, Molag Mar and Vos.
* Added an Orcish Battle Axe to Dur gro-Grambak's inventory (He had no weapon to defend himself with).
* Key to Worm Lord's Tomb was placed below ground level and thus inaccessible to the player.
* Ashumanu Eraishah, Suran Tradehouse, will no longer sell Moon Sugar and Skooma.
* Llaren Terano's corpse will now persist (carries "Ice Blade of the Monarch").
* Rols Ienith's corpse will now persist (carries "Rotheran propylon index").
* Crazy Batou's corpse will now persist (carries "Bloodworm Helm").
* Umbra's corpse will now persist (carries "Umbra Sword").
* Ajira will now sell potions of rising force, as described in her dialogue.
* Robe of the Lich enchantment was "cast on use" instead of "constant".
* Removed vampire script from Jeanciele Macile. He's not a vampire.
* Warlock's Ring now restore health (as described in lore).
* Removed the spell "Dagoth's Bosom" from Senise Thindo.
* Fixed 0 level locks in tombs, caves and dungeons.
* Added missing enchantment to "Dart of Judgment".
* J'Ram-Dar should be a Khajiit, not an Argonian.
* Removed several missplaced "floating" barrels.
* Removed the spell "Ash Feast" from all NPCs.
* Fixed a couple of hundred floating objects.
* Added missing temple marker in Maar Gan.
* "common_robe_02_h" used incorrect mesh.
* Rindral Dralor is now a shipmaster.
* Galyn Arvel is now a shipmaster.
* Fenas Madach is now a publican.
+ fixed a bunch of other NPCs' which had the wrong class assigned to them.

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes

* Corrected a dialogue topic saying that "Don't bother looking for a convenient system of bridges or ferries across the lakes and rivers. There aren't any.". This is inccorect. There are 'ferries' (in Rebirth) and bridges, although few and far between. Changed dialogue to reflect this.
* Removed the books "The War of the First Council" and "Nerevar Moon-and-Star" from Caius Cosades' House. The player is told by Caius to buy these books from the bookseller in Balmora.
* Fixed some issues in Suran including several wall-pieces that wasn't aligned properly.
* Tadali Andala no longer stands on her bed in The Black Goblet tavern, Suran.
* Fixed pathgrids in Caldera, Vos, Ebonheart, Gnisis, Balmora and Seyda Neen.
* Added missing ownership-flags to items inside Dunmer Delicacies, Balmora.
* J'Ram-Dar no longer have the ability to summon bears and wolves.
* Removed scripted doors from Dunmer Delicacies, Balmora.
* Harald no longer sells repair hammers without uses.
* Removed ownership flags from empty containers.
* Tadali Andala now wears a pair of shoes.
* Fixed some typos.

Maar Gan

Morrowind Rebirth Changes

* Golden Saints will no longer drop glass/ebony weapons each and every time. Instead they'll use bound weapons, with a very small chance to drop glass/ebony weapons upon death.
* The following spells ("toxic cloud", "fire storm", "lightning storm", and "frost storm") have been tweaked for better balance (damage from 1-20 to 5-20, duration from 5 to 3 seconds)
* The following spells ("large fireball", "large shockball" and "large frostball") have been tweaked for better balance (damage from 10-35 to 10-30).
* The following spells ("fireball", "shockball", "poison" and "frostball") have been tweaked for better balance (damage from 5-25 to 5-20).
* Ash Slaves are now less of a challenge at lower levels. They've also recieved a diffrent set of spells to make them move versitile in combat.
* You can no longer barter with Falvel Arenim (only had 4 things for sale), Hlaalu Council Manor. He still offers training, however.
* Decreased 'Alit Bite' poison duration from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. This should make Alits less of a pain at lower levels.
* Nalcarya of White Haven's house, Angus's house and The Evil Mudcrab and many other interors have undergone a makeover.
* Decreased the chance of 'dwemer ingredients' to appear in dwemer barrels/chests (from 50 % chance to 25 %).
* Glass Daggers and Iron Daggers are now a bit more durable, and therefore less likely to break in combat.
* The door leading to the Master Alchemy Set, Caldera, is no longer locked. The set is guarded, however.
* You'll now find more ingredients/books/weapons etc (added by Rebirth) placed in the gameworld.
* Fixed some cases where Ash Ghouls (Dagoths) were much weaker than the regular Ash Ghoul.
* Fixed several balance issues with Absorb Health/Absorb Magica/Absorb Fatigue.
- Reduced duration from 30 seconds to 1 second.
- Drastically increased magica cost.
* Increased duration of Chameleon spells from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.
* Removed some slaves from Dren Plantation in an effort to improve performance.
* Merchants will restock their gold every 3 days (instead of 7).
* Buffed Dreamers hitpoints to make them more of a challenge.
* Liches now have the ability to summon Skeletal Minions.
* Decreased crossbow damage by 5 points (all crossbows).
* "The Rift" can be found somewhere in The Grazelands :]
* The cost of training has been reduced by half.
* Clannfear Runt no longer drop deadra heart.
* Landscape changes, fixes and improvements.
+ A complete overhaul of Caldera Mine.
* Some traders will now have more gold.
* Lowered weapon reach of most spears.
* Increased minimum running-speed.

New Area

* Find a way into 'The Rift' and obtain a new powerful artifact.


* New improved mesh for Iron Shield and Iron Skull Shield.
* New improved meshes for wooden platforms (dock statics).
* New improved meshes for the Ebony Dart, Staff and Mace.
* "Forsaken Blade" now has its own model and icon.
* New improved meshes for Imperial architecture.
* New icon for the shield "Emperor's Defence".
* New improved meshes for Hlaalu architecture.
* Daedra Seducers are now less.. cute (lol).

Balmora's Underworld Changes

* Decreased the amount of loot (including glass daggers, swords, pauldrons..)
* Decreased the value of several items.
* Made NPCs tougher.

Known issues

* Golden Saint/Morag Tong gauntlets doesn't render as supposed to when viewed in first person.
* Iron Throwing Star isn't held properly in first/third person.
* Some map textures are not working as intended (scrolls).ą


BIG Release!

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nice username. :D

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Balmora's Underworld Changes
* Decreased the amount of loot (including glass daggers, swords, pauldrons..)
* Decreased the value of several items.
* Made NPCs tougher.

>Made NPCs tougher.


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Awesome! Glad to see more improvements on the biggest Morrowind modification ever!

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trancemaster_1988 Author

Thanks man. Enjoy!

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