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Hello everyone. I hope that you're enjoying the content of the latest installment for Morrowind Rebirth! With this small patch I want to fix a few issues and further enhance the experience while playing MRB. This patch shouldn't require a "new game", but if you encounter any issues I recommend "Wrye Mash", a program that is able to repair your save-games. Enjoy!

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2.03 released!

This is a patch, not the full release. Get the 2.4 package FIRST, then apply this patch.


For those who've played Morrowind Rebirth prior to 2.4 you need to follow these instructions, failing to do so may result in error-messages or ctd.

Remove the following files from your folder.

- "XAscendedSleeper.kf"
- "XNetch_Bull.NIF"
- "XNetch_Betty.NIF"

These can be found in "Morrowind/Data Files/Meshes/r

Vanilla fixes

* Wild "Bull" and "Betty Netches" will now have a chance of carrying the disease "Serpiginous Dementia", as described in lore.
* "Elanande's War Axe" didn't have its enchantment attached in the cs
* "Racerbeak" didn't have its enchantment attached in the cs
* "BM_hunter_battleaxe_unique" used the incorrect icon.
* "BM_reaver_battle_axe" used the incorrect icon.
* "Nordic Battle Axe" used the incorrect icon.
* "Iron Long Spear" used the incorrect icon.

Rebirth Fixes

* Fixed a large number of inconsistencies in the stats for armor/weapons.
* Fixed a few floaters and reworked some areas, nothing major.
* Fixed pathgrid at Moonmoth Legion Fort.


* "Duke's Guards'" in Ebonheart will no longer refer themselves as "Troopers", but "Champions". Also raised their health and adjusted some stats to make them toughter than ordinary guards.
* Priests, Healers and Alchemists will no longer have an endless supply of ingredients. This means you will no longer be able to abuse this to create huge amounts of potions.
* All "Skeletons" (Champions, Archers etc) will now drop 1 unit of "Bonemeal", instead of 1,2 or 4 units.
* Nix Hounds' will now have random chance (like every other creature) to drop "Hound Meat".
* Removed some easy-to-loot chests holding ordinator armor in the "High Fane, Vivec".
* Made it harder to get into the diffrent Great House vaults, "Vivec".
* Some small adjustments to container loot and leveled-lists.

New Splashscreen Art: The Ascadian Isles
New Splashscreen Art: The Bitter Coast


* Time to introduce the new splashscreen pack for Rebirth. For now there's 2 new splashscreens, but more will come at a later date. Be sure to visit "Jedi-Art-Trick's" deviantart-site: , the creator of these pieces of art.
* Desaturated the "Muffin" texture and icon. Also changed its name to "Wickwheat Muffin" to better suit the setting.
* Desaturated the "Archery Target" to better match the vanilla color-scheme.
* "Guar Meat" will now have a unique icon and texture.
* New mesh/texture for the "Silver Katana".
* Corrected icon for the "Indoril Spear".

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Amazing artwork!

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