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Yet another small update to enhance your experience while playing Morrowind Rebirth! This patch will fix some small issues with the lastest update, but mainly focuses on fixing a lot of vanilla errors...

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2.03 released!

Yet another small update to enhance your experience while playing Morrowind Rebirth! This patch will fix some small issues with the lastest update, but mainly focuses on fixing a lot of vanilla errors. Most of these are also fixed by the MPP (Morrowind Patch Project), but unfortuntely these fixes by the MPP conflict with many of the changes I've already done in this mod.

An example: I've balanced the cost of the Steel Shardslayer, but the Patch Project fixes an incorrect mesh of the same sword. These edits conflict and since MPP is an esm file, the changes done in MPP will be used in-game and the balance pass I made will be useless. Therefore I've included an edited version of the MPP that doesn't conflict with Morrowind Rebirth's changes! All conflicting changes have been implemented or are being implemented into Rebirth, while the non-conflicting changes of MPP will be left alone. Now you will have both the balance pass and the icon fix for the Steel shardslayer. Enjoy!

You need to remove the following files from the install package:

- "XAscendedSleeper.kf" (only previous patches)
- "XNetch_Bull.NIF"
- "XNetch_Betty.NIF"

These can be found in "Morrowind/Data Files/Meshes/r

So here's the changelog for 2.31:

Vanilla Fixes

* Made the "Light Armor" a major skill for the "Barbarian" class. Most NPC's in this class uses "Netch Leather" or other light armors, thus the change.
* "Dolyn Rols", Vivec, St. Delyn Potter's Hall were set as "Trader Service" but didn't sell anything, now he does.
* Fixed several missplaced floor tiles in "Sethan Ancestral Tomb", thanks to "RE4PER" for first noticing this.
* Steel Shard/Spark/Viper/Flameslayer used the wrong mesh - "Nordic Claymore" instead of "Steel Claymore".
* Adjusted a travel marker inside "Dagon Fel, Onmi Hard-mouth's House". Player gets stuck in a basket.
* Iron Shard/Spark/Viper/Flameslayer used the wrong icon - "Steel Claymore" instead of "Iron Claymore".
* Iron Spear/Shard/Spark/Viper/Flameskewer used the wrong icon "Steel Spear" instead of "Iron Spear".
* "Iron Stormsword" used the wrong mesh and icon - "Silver Longsword" instead of "Iron Longsword".
* Adjusted a travel marker inside "Tervur Braven's shop, Vivec". Player gets stuck in the desk.
* "Ygfa", Pelagiad, Fort Pelagiad says she makes spells but there's no option to create spells.
* "llaals Ores, Tel Aruhn, Underground", was incorrectly set as "Miner" instead of "Slave".
* Iron Shard/Spark/Flamemace used the wrong Icon - "Steel Mace" instead of "Iron Mace".
* "Peacemaker", a silver staff, wasn't properly marked in the cs as a "Silver Weapon".
* "Redas War Axe" used the wrong mesh, "Steel Battle Axe" instead of "Steel War Axe".
* Dwemer Bracers/Pauldrons and Glass Bracers will now use the correct meshes.
* Iron Right Gauntlet and Iron Left Gauntlet had diffrent enchantment points.
* Imperial/Indoril/Templar Belts will now use the correct icon and mesh.
* Added a missing script, "bearheartscript\" to "BM_bearheart_UNIQUE".
* "Steel Throwing Knife" will now use the correct icon and mesh.
* Adjusted several spells so they doesn't auto-calculate.
* It will now snow in the "Thirsk Region", 10 % chance.
* Imperial Templar Pauldrons will now display properly.
* "Netch Leather Shield" will now use the correct icon.
* Corrected several typos in spells/weapons and armor.
* Marked "ownership" to all cell-doors in Vivec.
* Corrected several chests that had 0 lock.
* The dome at "Marandus", were floating.
* Corrected several floating objects.
* Fixes several landscape issues.

Rebirth Fixes

* "Skull Shield" renamed to "Iron Skull Shield" to better reflect the material and visual of the shield.
* Moved "Arbelle" near the abandoned fort, Pelagiad. Her body were clipping with some barrels.
* Iron Skull Shields will no longer spawn with each skeleton (from 100% chance to 25 %).
* Made some balance changes to the "Training Weapons" found at Vivec Entrance.
* Fixed a massivly floating tree outside Pelagiad.
* Some other small fixes.


* Adjusted several textures for trees, bushes and flora in the Asciadian Isles to better match the original color scheme.
* The "Globe" now has darker wood texture that better match the original color scheme.
* All rocks now have vanilla textures. Meshes and bump map-effect remains unchanged.
* Removed netch textures (for real this time!).

NOTE: If you already have installed 2.3 or any previous version and want to remove the netch textures: Go to Morrowind/Data Files/Textures, use the searchfield and type "Netch". Remove the textures. Only use this approach if you're used to install/remove mods.


* Somehow a few textures from a Skyrim weapon-retexture came packaged with 2.3. I guess I extracted them in the wrong folder lol.
* Added a compatible version of the "Morrowind Patch Project 1.6.5 Beta".

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keep'em comming :D

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All I have is XAscendedSleeper.kf .. not nif

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My bad, It's the one file that you should delete. I'll correct my description!

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