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Greetings everyone! As you might notice it's another update..again! Here's a small list of stuff that you might notice in 2.3! Remember this is only a part of the changes. I really hope you enjoy what I've done so far, it's been a great experience! Be sure to check back for info about more exciting content! Have a great summer everyone, I sure will

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2.03 released!

Vanilla Fixes

* "Arille" will now sell cheap restore health/fatigue potions, as described in his dialogue.
* "Arielle" will no longer sell "spoons", "bowls" and other useless misc items.
* Nix Hound Fix - Fixes a wierd death animation. Thanks to "Antares".
* Grahl Eye Fix - Fixes a texture error. Thanks to "Peterbitt".
* Fixed some inconsistencies with "cruel", "dire" and "wild" weapons.
- Wild: All weapons are now Dwemer (will probably be changed to Silver later on).
- Dire: All weapons are now Steel
- Cruel: All weapons are now Iron

Rebirth Fixes

* Added an alarm package to Duke Dren, which will make all nearby guards react if you attack him. Also added an additonal guard just outside his quarters.
* "Verick Gemain", "Uulernil", "Vasesius Viciulus", "Arrille" and "Hodlismod" will no longer sell Imperial armor and/or weapons.
* Adjusted several tomb entrences that were clipping with rocks or other statics.
* A shack at Arvel Plantation had the wrong teleport marker.
* You can now use the ladder at Fort Moonmoth.
* Corrected several floaters/bleeders.

Rebirth Additions

Vivec Entrance - Ordinator Barracks
Vivec Entrance - Ordinator Barracks
Vivec Entrance - Ordinator Barracks

* New interiors for Vivec Guardtowers along with a large underground barracks (Huge thanks to "Fulgore").
* You are now able to buy "Guide to"-maps from the Imperial Travel Service Agents.
* A large number of improvements or fixes to interiors in various locations.
* A huge number of landscape improvemts in or close to locations such as:
- Sadrith Mora
- Seyda Neen
- Balmora
* A host of new weapons (A little something for the ninjas!)
- Iron Throwing Star
- Ebony Tanto
- Ebony Wakazaki
- Ebony Katana
- Ebony Dai-katana
* Discover an old abandoned Imperial Fort near Pelagiad.


* Adjusted several leveled-lists to make them more diverse and balanced.
* New weapon speeds - Based on the type of weapon and its weight.
* Rebalanced the uses for probes/lockpick/repair items:

- Apprentice's Lockpick 10 uses
- Journeyman's Lockpick 15 uses
- Master's Lockpick 20 uses
- Grandmaster's Lockpick 25 uses
- Skeleton Key 50 uses

- Bent Probe 5 uses
- Apprentice's Probe 10 uses
- Journeyman's Probe 15 uses
- Master's Probe 20 uses
- Grandmaster's Probe 25 uses

- Repair Prongs 5 uses
- Apprentice's Hammer 10 uses
- Journeyman's Hammer 15 uses
- Master's Hammer 20 uses
- Grandmaster's Hammer 25 uses
- Sirollus Saccus' Hammer 50 uses

* Reduced the duration of Sujamma, Greef, Shein & Mazte from 60 to 30 seconds.
* Reduced the strength effect of Sujamma from 50 to 25 points.
* Reduced the value of Skooma from 500 to 250.
* Lots of price adjustments to clothing-items.



* Removed texture/mesh alterations from the Bull/Betty Netches.
* Removed texture/mesh alterations from Gold Kanet Flowers.
* Removed texture/mesh alterations from Willow Flowers.
* Removed texture/mesh alterations from Stone Flowers.
* New mesh/icon for the Steel Dagger.
* New skybox for the "Deadlands".
* Removed "Black Glass Helmet".


* Removed the edited version of the Morrowind Patch Project until I've solved some issues with it.
* Fixed a small compabilty issue with "Balmora Underworld".
* Cleaned the archive from unused meshes/textures.

Known Issues

* Daggers have not yet been properly balanced.
* Soultrap doesn't always work as intended.

sbnewsom - - 656 comments

I love this baby, but you know, I feel that its more than possible for the rebirth to look like the Header Image more than it does now. I'd love to see that to be honest.

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trancemaster_1988 Author
trancemaster_1988 - - 3,032 comments

It's possible, but it would require a lot of work, a lot! Perhaps in the future, who knows!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
huntra94 - - 105 comments

man this looks like skyrim but cooler looking.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
booman - - 3,651 comments

Amazing visuals, I know the screenshots don't do it justice, but it looks amazing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Executor-64- - - 1,288 comments

yes the screenshots don't do it justice
and its not all about visuals anyway... its a all-around improvement to the magical land of morrowind :D

glad its being maintained and updated as it is :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Homoerectus1994 - - 54 comments

It's not the graphics for me, it's the whole engine itself, something's just not right in it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
axiomaticstatic - - 29 comments

Does this have one HUGE install yet? or is it still load the rocks one by one? etc etc

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