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I've gone through the feedback from the previous version. This is what I came up with. A large number of fixes & additions. There's more additions to the mod than I've listed, but some are quite small & won't easily be noted. I hope you enjoy this version! There was a lot of hard work involved making it.

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1.1 will include all the changes in the previous version. You don't need 1.0 to play 1.1.

General Changes:

* Ebonheart - Fixed the trapdoor at the South Guardtower, which had no travel marker.
* Ebonheart - Removed a missplaced door inside the South Guardtower.
* Ebonheart - Fixed some pathgrids that caused NPC's to get stuck.
* Ebonheart - Raised some barrels just outside the Six Fishes.

* Seyda Neen - Fixed some floating lanterns.
* Seyda Neen - A trapdoor inside the Haunted Tower will now be locked. This due to an unfinished interior.

* Dren Plantation - Fixed a door that had no travel marker.
* Dren Plantation - Put a lock on the storage shack just outside Dren Plantation.

* Pelagiad - Removed some grass that were floating just above the Guardtower
* Pelagiad - Fixed some pathgrids that caused NPC's to get stuck inside the Fort.

* Balmora - There was a "hole" in the wall, near the nothern entrence. This is now fixed.

* Fort Buckmoth - Locked 2 doors that had no interior.

* General - Removed the shield from Hlaalu Sharpshooters.
* General - New Travel agent in Ebonheart
* General - Added a global; ER_Evocation_Global, that somehow got excluded in 1.0. This script should work, but I ain't sure.
* General - Reworked Arkngthand (Dwemer Ruin), still WIP.
* General - Made some quite drastic changes to the inner courtyard in Ebonheart.

WIP 20

* General - Seducers & Ash Scorpions have been given the proper animation class. Let me know if this doesn't work.
* General - Some silver weapons weren't properly marked as silver weapons in the cs.
* General - Removed the change in AI flee settings from the previous version.
* General - Reworked the weapon lenghts from the previous version, making em' more balanced, a slight nerf.

Other fixes (Vanilla Errors).

* Relocated a travelmarker inside the East Empire South Warehouse that would cause the player to stuck between a stool & a crate.
* Fixed a misaligned wall in Sandas Ancestral Tomb.
* Fixed a travel marker inside Zalits's Yurt that would cause the player to get stuck in a fireplace.
* Removed a floating wall-piece outside Wolverine Hall.
* Fixed a misaligned door in Suran.
* Fixed the Ald Redaynia Interior which had a lot of misaligned wall-pieces & messy rocks.
* Fixed a floating brazier in Kushtashpi (Deadric Ruin) & fixed the misaligned door.
* Raised the ground in Bal Fell to fix a floating stair-piece.
* Fixed a lot of floaters inside Mat Cave.
* Fixed some floaters inside Andre Mauls's tower & a floating dwemer wall-piece just by the entrence. Also adjusted the tower to match the exterior.
* Fixed a chest inside Ravel Ancestral Tomb that previously had no lock, which made it unable to open. Also fixed some small mesh errors.
* Removed a ladder inside Ashinabi: Smugglers'Den. There was no way you could use this ladder if you fell down the hole inside the cave.
* Raised skraeling shulki's Tent in Gnisis, now she will actually see the player & play the proper greeting.
* Fixed a door inside Kitabael's Hut that would cause the player to get stuck in a fireplace
* Fixed a missing wallpiece inside the House Of Earthly Delights.
* Fixed the stone bridge outside the Wolverine Hall. It used to clip with the Fort entrence.
* Fixed a lot of issues ranging from clipping meshes to floaters.
* Fixed a floating stone outside Assurdiripal.

I need to thank Slartibartfast1 for his mod Poorly Placed Object Fix v1.0 , which I used as a base for most of these changes (vanilla errors). Sadly It wouldn't work well with Rebirth, so I've manually implemented his improvements, among others I've found in diffrent threads.

There's also gonna be some changes to the landscape along the Bitter Coast, although the major work will be in the next installment.


* Added 2 new tracks that somehow got excluded in 1.0 (MW Rebirth - The Lone Guar & Morrowind Rebirth theme track). Music by Erik Tans.


* Imperial Captains' will now wear a "Captain's Helmet". Thanks to midgetalien & others for the model.


Ayeeee, so does this incorporate many of the same chops that were in the 2011 mod before it was DEACTIVATED?

I would surely hope so...

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trancemaster_1988 Author

It is NOT a graphical replacer. It's stated quite clearly in the description. Get Morrowind Overhaul if you like better graphics :) Besides the 2011 suck compared to MO.

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