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Now in the summer I have some free time in my use and I decided to finally finish my map. I deleted most of the unimportant stuff and focused on gameplay issues.

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I have added much new stuff and here is a list of some...

- Kolhoz works now with latest version of GSM (Fields of Honor 5)
- Winter theme was unfinished and little boring so we replaced it with the old autumn.
- Germans are more aggressive and smarter, they wont rush straight to village with tanks anymore, instead they charge heavily with infantry. Tanks keep their distance.
- Map is shorter now. Next wave countdown will always start instantly after last wave retreats. This will keep action intensive all the time.
-Waves are faster because Germans don't camp so much behind houses and vehicles.
-Side objective that allows you to use KV1. The tank is found completely broken and out of fuel but the effort that you put in fixing it will be rewarded later when you have fully functional heavy tank in your use!
- New infantry reinforcement.
- Vision distances in singleplayer use the same settings as multiplayer. The soldiers are not completely blind anymore in SP.
- Improved medic, he can now even carry soldiers himself. Doctor has a double barreled shotgun to help defend the village if enemy gets too near.
- Most of the inventory of soldiers that you bring to medic will be stored in crates.
- Much more smaller things that would take too long to list :P

I added couple of new pictures to show off few of these new things.

If you want to help in betatesting and bughunting, contact me with PM and I give you a fully functional version of the map to play in coop and SP.

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