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240 developing hours ago i promised a release at the end of September 2015. Well, its 30 September, what is happening ...?

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As my drawings above already stated am i very sorry, and that is the understatement of 2015 to say the least.

On Aug 10th i promised;

"... i can say it will be at least next month, September 2015. I hope it will be the first week of the month, but it could also be the last week of it. "

Well, its 30 September now. Where is the MOD ?!?! I hear you think.

Clearly, as to my big regret you are used by now of me, its still not finished. Please know that from the 30 days this month i have been working for 26 days, 10 hours a day, to get it done in time. The last week it even did give me stomach pain because the more time flew by the more i realised i couldn't deliver, again, my promise.

How much time do you need then, again ...?

I hear you think then, well, as i said above in my drawings. It will not be months, not even weeks as in 3 to 4. I really do think that in a week i could be there. But, history has learned us not to rely on my gut feelings. So its best to not predict anything, ever again concerning a release date of this mod. All i can say is to tell you what still needs to be done. Well, there are still about 6 level changes that need to be placed. One level needs to be cut in 2 parts because of to much enddata and a radio message (.wav) needs to be placed. And last but not least, a face poser scene with Kleiner needs to be looked after. Because this scene worked fine till i just tested it last week, suddenly it doesn't work anymore. All i can think of is again, a Valve update that screws things up, like is nothing new by now. Ones this is all done i have to think of a few chapter names so Baltic can finally add them to the mod structure.

And that is about it.

By the way, the drawings above i didn't make now but back in 1988. They are part of several small cartoon stories that i made that were published in a Dutch cartoon book for adults called Striptuur. All these cartoons are added to the mod as eastereggs.

Sorry that i don't have any new material of the mod to show. There is more then enough to show, but making such a large update with screens and a video takes at least a full day of work and its best i spent each hour on the mod now instead of making fancy updates here, sorry.

I can't stress anough how much i regret this all, i am really very disapointed in the whole release process. I really do hope that you aren't to mad and willing to stick with me a littlebit longer. Thank you for reading this,


PurpleGaga27 - - 2,066 comments

So 7 to 14 days are most likely the answer for an upcoming release. How large is the mod when downloading and how big is the mod when uncompressed?

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Lopper - - 1,559 comments

Prepare for unforeseen consequences.

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Capt.Host - - 853 comments

No rush, Leon. No pressure.
I hope you deliver as always. Best of luck ;)

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DBuilder - - 199 comments

Hey, man. Whatever it takes. In the meantime, I will play Black Mesa, Half-Life 2, Episode One and Episode Two to get ready.

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SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps - - 2,904 comments

Thank you all for understanding, sorry it is the same excuse as always.
To answer your questions PurpleGaga27, the mod is in compressed form (.rar) around 1.8 GB big and uncompressed it will be around 3.8 GB large.

Its by far the biggest and most detailed mod i even made. Gameplay will be above 20 hours, probably around 25 or so.


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PurpleGaga27 - - 2,066 comments

20+ hours of gameplay? That's long enough for an unofficial expansion pack, something that Valve could never do.

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Cyber.Shadow - - 56 comments

Approx 25 hours game-play?
That does deserve some more extra time to really complete your mod to match your high standards and expectations.

You should not worry about what people think when it comes to delivery date of the mod.

We all know it's not going to take years or months more to complete it.
We also know it'll be WORTH THE WAIT!

Thank you for your update Leon!

I'm looking forward to the release.
Ik kijk er halsreikend naar uit!

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orang3dragon612 - - 73 comments

Leon, we have been waiting for years, through thick and thin. We can wait longer. Do not feel any rush. You've been through hard times, and yet you still keep chugging away, working towards this one final HL2 mod, a world that explores your imagination. I still remember when I played Strider Mountain 8 and a bit years ago. That was an incredible mod. I still have great memories of it 8 years later.

I look forward to your final project. In the words of a famous Nintendo person, a delayed game is eventually good. A rushed game is bad forever. Even if you just have been doing your own thing and putting this off, don't worry. We can wait :D

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Seaalisgonefromhere - - 986 comments

Release dates are always annoying for devs. Just release it when it's done! Especially since it won't be hard for us to wait now since you have said that it's nearly done.

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jjawinte - - 5,067 comments

Couldn't have expressed it better than " orang3dragon612 " did above.

You do your thing Leon, secure in the knowledge that those of us who have followed your work through the years aren't going anywhere.

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Beez-one - - 501 comments

Better late than full of bugs and hate!

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SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps - - 2,904 comments

I am so very glad that you all are ok with this 6th or so delay. And its all true, "a delayed game is eventually good. A rushed game is bad forever."
So true!!
It does still amaze me that people have great memories after so many years of my earlier mods. And to know that this mod has a much higher quality, better story and lenght in generel. Can't wait what the community will think of this mod then.

thank you all,
new morning, new day to work again on it,
will keep you in the loop.


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I_Jedi - - 97 comments

Considering what's been said to be "in progress" last update and what's in progress now, I can logically announce that the credits sequence is complete!

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SPY-maps Author
SPY-maps - - 2,904 comments

wow, you remembered that I_Jedi!
And indeed, credits i just finished building in to the last level yesterday.
Thanks for following my project so detailed,


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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,496 comments

Hey man, this is your biggest project yet, it's no wonder it's taking so long. Take all the time you need ^^

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Duruk - - 447 comments

Quality takes time Leon.

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