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Reason why the release date has been pushed back to 6/19/11.

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6/23/11: There might be a problem with the download if it is not working later today I'll do my best to get another server hosting it.

6/22/11: Pushed the release date back to the 23 because I figure even after release it'll take them at least one day if not more to approve it.

6/22/11: Just pulled the download doesn't really matter sense it hadn't been authorized, found a really big issue with a certain gun *cough* awp *cough* basically the sniper rifle fire all its rounds in a single click... must have misplaced a decimal point yesterday or something. *Checks its rate of fire* Actually no, looks like I stuck its calculated DPS in for its rate of fire *face palms* ah well I'll re-upload it shortly, I've made a couple script tweaks that'll benefit game play, was only going to give the server owners this unless otherwise asked, but now I might as well package it with everything else sense I have to upload anyways.

6/22/11: Upload is now complete and it’s undergoing Authorization from site administration soon.

Update 6/22/11:
Upload in progress, found some things that could be touched up before release.

Update 6/21/11:
I'm about to start uploading it now, but I suppose it'll be the 22nd for most of you by the time it gets up beings I'm -6 hours.

Update 6/20/11:
Release will be made today after I get off work, so it'll be up here FOR SURE by 6/21/11 (Upload times and all of that).

Status Update 6/19/11:
I over slept, I still expect it to be today, just probably later my time (if not Monday sometime). We were having some really bad crashing issues with my testers last night, turns out the system I was using to patch up testers test copys is flawed, made it really unstable, so we didnt' get any testing in last night, so I released freash copy and that cleared that up, now we're just touching up the menu and fixing a few bugs that have appeared.

Sorry about having to push the release date back again guys, but my bugs list still has 15 on it and it’s already 7PM here. Even if I did get those fixed I still have to upload it, so I'm going to have to try to make the release tomorrow instead.

So, sorry again for the delay in Roleplay2’s release.

dron1885 - - 518 comments

No problem, we can wait)

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ultraguy - - 88 comments

still waiting on this, please be as quick as you can, I cant wait

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AgentOrange96 - - 34 comments

Patients! Let's take a look back at the early days of this engine, when EA decided to release an FPS on the C&C series. Looking at concept art, it was going to be awesome! They missed the deadline, they made a video saying they wouldn't do it again, they missed the deadline again, and then they rushed it. Rushing that game, Renegade, made for a game which despite having great multiplayer value, was actually pretty terrible. A good game was rushed, and thus became not so great. Let's not have this happen to Roleplay 2. Still, it is pretty exciting!

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