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News on Christmas for an update on a release date.

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Team Camarilla International was originally going to release "The Final Nights" on Christmas Day, 2010. Unfortunately real life caught up to all of us forcing the release date to be pushed back to a later time. We are dedicated to releasing an extremely professional product focusing on detail and precision so we didn't want to release TFN prematurely. Sending this expansion out to the world now would not only have numerous bugs but would also feel rushed which goes against everything we stand for.

We apology for the delay and hope this doesn't deter anyone from trying this new mod. The extra time put into TFN will prove to enhance the quality ten fold, as well as meet our high standards of quality you're used to playing with TCI based mods.

As of now we have not chosen an exact date of release however we are feeling very comfortable with some time in the March 2011 time frame. Check back every so often for the new release date to be posted and feel free to talk to us anytime on our forum.

Have a Merry Christmas,

phipe - - 519 comments

I may have not given huge praise at every single piece of media posted(as many other mods get) But i will be honest: I am excited for this mod. I liked Bloodlines alot, so more vampirism is nothing short of great. I will be awaiting its release.

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bloodipunk - - 47 comments

If the wait is for the best !
Choose quality first is the best leitmotiv !

Keep up the good work.

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