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Announcing the release date for The Apocalypse, a survival horror total-conversion.

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The Apocalypse began development on March 2020 (the timing being very much influenced by a certain pandemic). Now, almost two years later, the mod is largely complete and I can confidently announce a release date.

The Apocalypse will be released for Windows players on Tuesday 15th March 2022.

It’s been a bigger project than I originally imagined, but the original vision – a horror mod set in the Dissolution/Lunar Descent universe, that expands upon said universe’s story – has been realised and I’m very happy with the end product.

The Apocalypse, like Dissolution and Lunar Descent, places a strong focus on setting, with a lot of effort having been spent on building an interesting world for players to explore. As with Dissolution and LD, Apocalypse has a space/science-fiction setting – this time taking place onboard the claustrophobic starship XSS Ecclesiastes. Those who enjoyed exploring the levels of my previous mods should find plenty to please them in The Apocalypse.

Before I leave you with some screenshots, I’d like to thank the wonderful volunteers who helped make the project possible – my music composer, Shadrick Beechem; and my voice actors, Adrian 'CubicTuxedo' Brunone, Ronald Hamrák, Nathan Dowen and Andrew Murray. Without their help, this project would have been an empty shell.

The Apocalypse In Game The Apocalypse In Game

The Apocalypse In Game

If you aren’t already, follow us on ModDB to keep up to date with project development, and to be notified upon the mod’s release. Thanks to all who’ve written to express interest or encouragement – I hope the project lives up to your expectations.



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heck ya brother.

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