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Large update for Elementalism Phase 1, featuring bug fixes, graphical tweaks and performance improvements.

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The last two weeks since release has been an absolute rollercoaster, and a huge thank you to the nearly 3,000 people who have downloaded and played our mapset!

We have compiled all the bugs and feedback from those last two weeks, and I am please to announce a new version - RC2 - is out now featuring all the improvements we identified.

Save-games may not be compatible across versions, so if you have already started, none of the changes are so huge it's worth starting over. However, if you are starting from fresh, I recommend the updated version.

Download it from ModDB here!

Full change-log is:

RC2 v1.4

  • Earth 1: Fixed typo in opening Tablet text
  • Earth 5: Boss is now briefly invulnerable between phases so the player can't skip a phase by killing multiple heads at the same time
  • Earth 5: Earth Wand now explodes correctly when hitting the boss, prevent ricochet cheese

RC2 v1.2

  • Option to skip opening text now appears earlier
  • Title screen now tells players if they aren't running Dynamic Lights and Lights Affect Sprites correctly
  • Fire 1: Removed a trio of void holes

RC2 v1.01

  • Earth 3: Fixed floor shader in opening area

RC2 V1.0

  • General:
    • Earth Wand has had it's damaged buffed and a small AOE effect added, but re-fire speed has been slowed down
    • Boss health bars have been made shorter, transparent, and can be now moved between the top and bottom of the screen with the Elementalism Options menu. This way they don't interfere with the boss battles as much
    • Opening story-text now stays on screen for longer, but can be skipped with 'Use' button
    • Fire Episode skybox has been optimized, resulting in a ~10% FPS increase in F1 and F4
    • Subtitles added to [REDACTED] dialogue
    • Wand of Elements has a proper name when displayed on the Hud
    • Automap is disabled during intermission screens
    • Shaders have been updated to modern syntax
    • Updated Elementalism Options menu to make it clearer how to display the new Elementalism Hud
    • In-game description of the new difficulty settings updated to make it clearer what level of challenge they represent
    • Numerous minor visual improvements across all the maps
  • Earth episode:
    • Earth 2: Switch near plasma rifle made more obvious
    • Earth 3: Fixed shader in opening area (was broken in RC2, re-fixed in RC2 v1.01)
    • Earth 4: First lift can be recalled so it's not a one-way drop anymore
    • Earth 4: Some early fights made slightly easier to help with the difficulty curve
    • Earth 4: Lightmode set correctly so everyone has a consistent visual experience
    • Earth 4: Teleporter redirect means falling off at the end of the map no longer requires extensive backtracking
    • Earth 5: Boss made slightly less resistant to the Earth Wand
  • Water episode:
    • Water 2: Fixed potential soft-lock in final fight
    • Water 3: Blue Key now works (fixed in RC1 1.01)
    • Water 4: Corrected comp-level setting allows for correct enemy jumping behavior
    • Water 4: Final Cybbie encounter made a little less brutal
    • Water 5: First wave of fight sped up to be a little less tedious
    • Water 5: Boss made more resistant to BFG tracers
  • Fire episode:
    • Fire 1: Potential soft-lock near big main door fixed
    • Fire 2: Added message to double doors to confirm they are locked
    • Fire 2: Added heath and cell ammo to Yellow Key fight
    • Fire 4: Fixed decorations incorrectly flagged as secrets
    • Fire 4: Fixed skybox issue when backtracking from end of the level
    • Fire 4: Added escape teleporters to all inescapable lava pits
    • Fire 5: Prevented early access to central arena


This mod is excellent, the music reminds me of the first Bill and Ted film for some reason. Anyhoo.
On Earth level one, I collect the yellow key and nothing happens, I'm just stuck down in the area. I see on run through video that the walls open up and the column drops. Am I missing something.
(I am using the brutal doom v21 pk3) with gzdoom 4.7.1

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Bauul Author

I just double checked and that key works fine, so it's probably Brutal Doom messing with the scripts unfortunately. As outlined in the FAQ, some mods will break this mapset if they're too heavy handed with how they're coded. Try running it without any mods.

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Thanks, yes, it works fine without the mod. a shame as I can't remember playing vanilla doom for so long...
I'm loving the maps though, thoroughly enjoyable.
It'll keep me off the streets for a while ;)

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each time i try starting up this map it keeps saying

''Script error, "Elementalism_Phase1_RC2_v1.01.pk3:cvarinfo.txt" line 1:
cvar 'uw_effectsize' already exists''
how do i fix this?
(using project brutality 3.0)

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Bauul Author

You contact the makers of Project Brutality and ask them to make a compatibility patch for this mapset. If there's a conflict between a mod and a mapset, and you can't get it working yourself, that's the process for getting it fixed.

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