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The current version is Release Candidate 1. After three years of the announcement, this wad has finally become a full megawad with new 32 levels. Before I celebrate myself, I want to thank everyone who helped me to make my very first full megawad. This something that I really wanted to achieve, since I made my very first Doom level, back in 2006.

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Reminder, this wad uses heavily-modified dehacked for its own gameplay. So it's recommended to play it with no additional gameplay mods. If the file on ModDB is unavailable, you can try the another download link in the main thread of this wad on Doomworld:

= Additional Credits =

Textures: Alien Vendetta, Plutonia, (a.k.a. CGTextures), + Mechadon for source files of the skybox of the last episode

Sound Effects: Cry of Fear, Heretic, Hexen, Doom 3 RoE, NavyFIELD

Sprites: Heretic, Hexen, Kingdom of the Wind, +Smooth Doom for rocket explosion sprites

Music: Fortress 2, Fortress 2 Blue, Digimon Online, Dragon Force: The Day 3, Psychedelic Eyeball

= Special Thanks =

* FDA or livestream feedback, video playthrough providers
Deadwing, scifista42, gaspe, Dragonfly, x38_ViTa_38, loveless, Veinen, 129thVisplane, kakhome1

* Suggestions, bug report providers
Memfis, Doomkid, SuperCupcakeTactics, EffinghamHuffnagel, Fonze, rhinoduck, Poohlyash, Evolution

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