Struggle : Antaresian Legacy is a single-player partial-conversion megawad for Doom 2 with limit removing compatibility. It features new weapon and monster replacements, edited with DeHacked patch. Some of original monsters are also slightly changed, so it's recommended to check out the info below before you play this one. Since this wad uses heavily modified DeHacked patch, it is recommended not to use other custom gameplay patches.

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The final version of Struggle : Antaresian Legacy is now available, with some major and minor changes. You can check out the changelog from below.

= Changelog =

[ General ]

- Added an obituary for Antaresia's melee attack.
- Reduced the voulme of various sound effects.
- Increased the capacity of grenade from 15 to 18 (30 to 36 with a backpack)
- Fixed a bug that SSG has longer firing delay than intended

[ Monster Changes ]

- Decreased Energy Bolt's speed from 30 to 27

- Reduced Lost Soul's health from 50 to 45

- Reduced Afriest's health from 540 to 500
- Afriest now has longer firing-ready duration from 10 to 14
- Afriest now has longer after-firing duration from 8 to 12

- Reduced Antaresia's health from 700 to 650

- Reduced Antaresia Elite's health from 850 to 800
- Antaresia Elite now has longer firing-ready duration from 8 to 12
- Antaresia Elite now has longer after-firing duration from 8 to 12

- Afriest Statue's firing delay is increased from 18 to 20
- Afriest's movement is changed from to , making it less aggresive than before

- Increased Spider Mastermind's pain chance from 5 to 10

- Reduced Leviathan's health from 12800 to 10000
- Leviathan now has longer firing-ready duration from 4 to 10

- Decreased SpectroLeviathan's speed from 20 to 16

- Reduced Inquisitor's health from 24000 to 22400
- Decreased Inquisitor's speed from 28 to 25
- Increased the pain chance of The Inquisitor from 1 to 4
- Inquisitor's firing rate is reduced from 5 to 3

[ Level Changes ]

- Fixed an issue of the levels with random monster spawners, while you run the wad on ZDaemon with "fast monsters" option
- Fixed an automap issue in MAP05, with no blue keycard door on the screen
- Fixed the texture misalignment around the blue keycard door in MAP05
- Replaced a surprise arch-vile to an antaresia in MAP08
- Now you can get access to the SSG in the beginning of MAP09 during cooperative mode, even if the bars are closed
- Fixed the texture misalignment around the exit in MAP10
- Fixed the bug in MAP11 again, where you can press the button across the fence
- Redesigned the access to the blue keycard door room (with a soulsphere secret) in MAP13
- Added non-secret assault rifle in MAP13
- Adjusted one of lift sections in MAP14, where you can get access to the yellow keycard door
- Fixed the texture misalignment around the secret in MAP14
- Adjusted the durations between each stage in MAP15A
- Adjusted the resupply switch in MAP17
- Fixed an issue of MAP20, where the players can't exit the level during cooperative mode
- Redesigned the secret area in MAP22 to make it much easier to access
- Fixed an issue of MAP25, where the player can easily skip the essential action line
- Reduced lots of arch-viles in MAP29

* FDA or livestream feedback, video playthrough providers
Deadwing, scifista42, gaspe, Dragonfly, x38_ViTa_38, loveless, Veinen, 129thVisplane, kakhome1, Megablast, MrZzul

* Suggestions, bug report providers
Memfis, Doomkid, SuperCupcakeTactics, EffinghamHuffnagel, Fonze, rhinoduck, Poohlyash, Evolution, WH-Wilou84, tmorrow, Terminus, Keyboard_Doomer

* Doomworld Megawad Club participants (July 2018)
Roofi, tmorrow, FrancisT18, NuMetalManiak, Forli, rehelekretep, Magnusblitz, TheOrganGrinder, Catpho, DavitW, Aquila Chrysaetos, Rayziik, Dragonfly, CPCTC, Salt-Man Z

And special thanks to everyone, who played the previous versions, provided feedback comments and opinions, and participated the Doomworld Megawad Club session and ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #366. Thanks, and have fun. :)

Release Candidate 1 is available

Release Candidate 1 is available


The current version is Release Candidate 1. After three years of the announcement, this wad has finally become a full megawad with new 32 levels. Before...

This Week In Mods: June 29 2018

This Week In Mods: June 29 2018

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The biggest mod stories for the week of June 29 2018.

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Struggle : Antaresian Legacy - Final Version

Struggle : Antaresian Legacy - Final Version

Full Version 3 comments

The final version of Struggle : Antaresian Legacy, the full megawad for Doom 2.

Struggle : Antaresian Legacy - Release Candidate 1

Struggle : Antaresian Legacy - Release Candidate 1

Full Version 2 comments

The first release candidiate of Struggle : Antaresian Legacy, with 32 new levels for Doom 2.


Congrats to the dev(s) of this. This just received a cacoward:

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wow, these are some incredible looking levels. the quality of the weapon sprites are a bit poor, though

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This is so criminally underrated and underappreciated.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Is the mod and wad file separated? Just asking

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This Mod is pretty awesome! :3

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