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The release date of Multiplayer Beta 2 is announced!

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Announcement and Live Stream Update

Friday's November the 1st stream went... well the first half hour was a technical disaster but the latter part more than made up for it! It's been uploaded in a cut down form to only include the sucessful games of which there were some good ones, including Doomhammer's incredible (and frankly unbelievable) victory in a 2v2.

During the stream I made an important announcement, which is the release date. Red-Resurrection Multiplayer Beta 2 will be released on the 11th of December 2013!

Red-Resurrection release!

Starting on the 1st of December I'll begin revealing parts of this huge ingame screenshot a day at a time. The full resolution is a whopping 6060 x 2640 and features every constructable unit in the mod. Certainly big enough to full up several screens worth.

Below is the 1st November stream on YouTube.

Subscibe to us on YouTube to keep up with the live streams and follow Doomhammer on

So keep watching, starting 1st December things should get interesting. Prepare for resurrection! Or something...

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