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Nod general fixes and bug changes. Also includes crate information and some addendum to the previous news post.

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I have finally found the right balance for myself and I now enjoy the odd game with crates enabled!
Of course it is still silly, and it is still far to easy for a game to effectively be over very quickly if you or your opponent get the right pick up, but it is fun.
One thing that I have still not managed to sort out is being able to fix the probability of certain crates spawning, if there is ever any future update this is something that I would like solve.

  • Removed all of the Tiberian History release 1 units. Predator tank, Avatar and the two Pitbull variants.
  • All crates now have a generic description that state that you will get a 'surprise' if you use a unit to pick it up. I found the fact that you could tell what the crates were via their description ludicrous.
  • Fixed that some crates did not have a portrait image. It was blank.
  • New offensive vehicles: Avatar with all upgrades, Purifier with Purifying flames upgrade ( this is the 'broken' release 1.00 purifying flame! ), Black hand Flame tank also with Purifying flame upgrade and 'Veteran' rank, and finally Steel talons Mammoth with Rail gun upgrade, Adaptive armour upgrade and an integrated Rail gun accelerator ability!
  • New resource vehicles: GDI Harvester, Steel Talon heavy Harvester and finally the release 5 Tiberian sun GDI harvester. Please note that has soon has you get one of these vehicles they will automatically head for the nearest tiberium field, make sure that they are not heading to enemy territory!
  • New Tiberium crates ( a green and blue tiberium version ). This is inspired from the similar crates from Tiberian sun, depending on where you pick them up, it could be either helpful or a hindrance.
  • New stealth crate pick up. In the style of past C&C games, this crate can stealth anything ( including structures! ). If you cannot visibly see any units or structures despite the fact that you believe you have destroyed everything on a map, there is a chance that your opponent has picked up one of these crates and have one or more stealthed structures.
  • New Visceroid spawn crate. Spawns a number of Visceroids that will attack anything around them including who ever picked up the crate!
  • New map reveal crate. Permanently removes the shroud for the player that picks it up!

Nod General

( Mostly fixes to art or code bugs, with some balance changes. Balance changes to 'history' additions will be done in a separate list )

  • Tiberium infusion upgrade research time increased to 40s ( was 20s ). It was bizarre how quickly you were able to research this upgrade, plus the base speed of the effected units have been increased in Tiberian history making this upgrade more pronounced.
  • Fixed the Nod Commando flame death scream. Was a male voice, is now female!.
  • Nod Vertigo warhead damage radius increased to 50 ( was 30 ).
  • Nod Commando's armour vs 'ROCKET improved ( 25% -> 12% ), vs 'GRENADE' ( 75% -> 40% ), and vs 'GUN' ( 100% -> 50% ). These are Kane's Wrath improvements, numbers are percentage of damage that the Commando takes vs the stated damage types ( lower is better ).
  • New model replacement for the Nod Turret.
  • New upgrade for the Nod turret: Turret Laser sights. Available at Operation centre.
  • Fixed issue that meant that the Nod War factory door would remain open under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the Nod War factory really damaged model and animation. Previously you would see a door fly off at the rear of the building but afterwards the door was still clearly on the structure!
  • Fixed an issue that meant that the Obelisk of lights crystal would remain glowing under certain circumstances.
  • AI now has a 50\50 chance when it comes to picking which of the 2 Obelisk upgrades it will use. Previously they overwhelming went with whatever the first upgrade in the code was, which just so happened to be the 'Cabal efficiency' upgrade.
  • AI will now more often use artillery at tier 2. It should mean that turtleling behind defences is not has easy has it once was vs the AI.
  • AI will now use the Radar jamming special power!
  • AI will now use the Chemical warrior more often.
  • AI will attempt to use the Buggies EMP power if it has upgraded to it. With varying success it must be said, and there seems to be an issue whereby the AI can use special powers with decoy units, which obviously does not work out well!
  • AI will now use the Decoy army special power! If it seems that your Nod AI opponent has way too many vehicles, it is probably because they are using this support power. Also if you have an Nod AI ally and you see light blue tinted vehicles, it is because they are decoy units.
  • New unit: Nod SSM from Tiberian dawn! Be warned that the AI will build this unit, and will also switch warheads! ( occasionally ).
  • New unit: Nod Banshee from Tiberian sun!
  • New upgrades: Banshee Elite armour and Banshee Transpulse plasma. Both located in the Technology assembly.
  • Removed Nod Shadow team and associated support power. They were in competition with the Elite Cadre.
  • If an enemy destroys the 'Protector squad' ( Linebackers ), while they are being transported to their drop location, the enemy will now correctly get experience points. None had been set previously for the transport part of the Protector squad support power.

Changes for Nod since promotional news began

  • Turret Laser sight upgrade was moved from the Technology lab to the Operation centre.


  • Swapped 'Score' for 'Kmachine'. New 'action' music.
  • Swapped 'Approach' for 'Valves'. How could I not have Valves?

General addendum

  • The rest of the aircraft ( under AI control ) that would attempt to 'run over' infantry units despite the fact that it is not possible for them to do, have been fixed.


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Out of curiosity: How did you fix the AI aircraft stuff?

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Madin Author

Give them a 'CrusherLevel' = 0 (they inherit a 'CrusherLevel' of 1 from BaseVehicle.xml which is enough for them to 'crush' infantry).

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