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All the current changes to the Nod in release 3.

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Nod Changes

Light Infantry

  • Back to using release 1 portrait\button.
  • Slightly changed weapon hit FX.


  • Weapon damage reduced to 500 (was 700).
  • Small adjustments to firing and damaged FX.
  • Cost reduced to $1000, build time reduced to 10s ( price adjusted to allow for the fact that it does not spawn infantry when sold\destroyed ).
  • Experience reward adjusted to match new price.


  • House color added.
  • New portrait\button to factor in the release 2 color adjustment.
  • Small adjustments to firing & damaged FX.
  • Small adjustments to hit FX of normal shells.
  • All shells now blasts infantry to bits!
  • It's now named 'Artillery' instead of 'Nod Artillery'.
  • AI will now use artillery.


  • Small adjustments to weapon hit FX.
  • Confessors death FX now work properly.
  • Confessor that gets added to squads via 'Confessor' upgrade now have death FX.
  • Fixed formation preview.
  • Can benefit from new upgrade: 'Black disciples'. This exclusive upgrade adds a Black hand member to all Confessor squads!
  • AI will now extensively use Confessor squads.
The Black Disciples

Rocket squad

  • New portrait\button.
  • Small changes to upgraded 'blue rocket' hit FX.
  • Upgraded 'blue rockets' now gibs infantry it kills!
  • New rocket smoke trail.
  • Added new heroic ability: Rage rocket ( follow link in rocket squad profile description for details of usage ).
  • Rocket squad tool-tip now correctly states that the 'HEROIC' rank is required before the 'Rage rocket' ability can be used.
  • The skirmish AI will now use the 'Rage rocket' if they manage to get a heroic rocket squad ( they will, you've been warned! )
  • Rocket squads 'kind of' have urban camo now.
  • Rocket squads Mag pouches now have house colour.
Rocket squads Rage Rocket effect


  • Redone portrait\button.
  • Now has house color.
  • Chain gun now cuts enemy infantry to pieces!
  • Now uses Tiberian Dawn voices.
  • New rocket and missile smoke trail FX for heroic Apaches.
  • New rocket hit FX for heroic Apaches.

Chemical warrior

  • New portrait\button.
  • Fixed animations.
  • Weapon will now tint anything it touches green, so you'll know which enemy units are weakened.

SAM site

  • Fixed portrait\button.
  • Concrete base has a lower profile.
  • Size reduced by 20%.
  • SAM site will now only surface to fire at a target, rather than staying permanently above ground.
  • New missile smoke\fire trail + small adjustments to upgraded 'blue tiberium' missile hit FX.
  • SAM health increased to 10,000 ( was 7,000 ).
  • SAM now takes 150% damage when exposed whilst firing.
Nod SAM sites vs The Scrin fleet!

Devil's Tongue

  • New portrait\button.
  • Formation preview fixed.
  • Devil's Tongue reinforcement now cost $2000 ( was $1800 ).
  • Devil's Tongue experience is now calculated for a $2000 unit ( was
    formerly calculated for a $1500 unit ), this is a token change.
  • A newly spawned Devil's Tongue no longer starts with it's 'subterranean travel' ability ready to use, you must wait for the abilities 'reload' time ( previously a newly spawned Devil's Tongues first 'escape' was all but guaranteed due to having the subterranean travel ready from the start ).
  • The Nod logo now faces the correct direction!
  • Fixed an issue that meant that if a side other than Nod got a Devil's Tongue the flames would be invisible!
  • What's the point update 1: The Devil's Tongue grinders can gib any enemy infantry that it comes in contact with!
  • What's the point update 2: The Devil's Tongue grinders can now throw up sparks if it contacts an enemy vehicle!
  • When you use the Devil's Tongue reinforcement power it now 'surfaces' instead of just fading in.
  • The 'Subterranean travel' ability now has a unique button.
[Insert metal grinding metal noise]


  • The 'Blue tiberium mix' upgrade now takes 90 seconds instead of 100.
  • Seed blue tiberium removed.


Flame tank

Torching the Scrin!

Attack cycle

  • Speed increased to match Kane's Wrath bikes ( 140 -> 160 ).
  • Can now benefit from 'Blue tiberium mix' upgrade, increases attack power and damage radius.
Nod raiders

Blue = Changes since internal beta.
Green = Changes from trials in the Best of Both Worlds R3.

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