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From an initial working prototype to finally another stable release: in the two-year development cycle, a lot has happened.

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The full changelog spans multiple pages and is fully transparent. Many changes were based on community feedback. Join the discussions on Discord, Matrix, IRC or Jabber/XMPP to chat with the development team or find other players.

Some last-minute changes include the first 3 player map.

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If you like to mod the game or create your own map with custom rules, it is easier than ever using the convenient OpenRA MiniYAML Language Extension for Visual Studio Code.

Screenshot 20230305 160459

Mission scripting is a bit more advanced, but the OpenRA Lua Language Extension is there to assist you. It also celebrated a stable release recently.

Guest - - 696,643 comments

The mods visuals are interesting, but the factions are to similar.
In the end there is potential, but I will honestly skips this. I doubt it will change, but it was fun to try.

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EgoJisto - - 137 comments

This "mod" is a recreation of an old, never released RTS. It adheres to the original design docs and all, but with new ideas of course. Although I doubt this info will in any way factor into your... decision-making.

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