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With two months of successful playtesting behind us, we are pleased to finally announce Release 20180923. The new release brings players up to date with development from January to July 2018, which includes some interesting new features and welcome fixes despite a significant reduction in our development manpower.

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One of the themes in this release is integration: a new player account system bridges your in-game persona with the OpenRA Forum; improvements to the game client and server infrastructure enable a more usable online server list, and a new strategy for Linux packaging allows us provide baseline support for more players while reducing our maintenance burden.

Player badges

Players can add badges to their profile to show their achievements or preferences.

Connecting to your OpenRA forum account allows you to verify your identity to other players without revealing your IP address. You can also choose to display up to five badges, with a selection of default options and custom awards available to choose from. Server hosts can configure private clan or tournament servers based on accounts instead of using passwords.

Other improvements to the in-game UI include a new preset- and custom-color tab on the color chooser, the ability to select in text-fields using the mouse, and returning you to the appropriate sub-menu (instead of the main menu) after leaving a game.

Custom color picker

The color chooser now allows you to save and restore your favorite colors.

The new AppImage package format allows us to provide “upstream” releases that should work on all modern Linux distributions. These self-contained packages do not require installation, and so you can keep multiple versions on your system in order to join servers or watch older replays. AppImages can be integrated into your system (adding launcher shortcuts and version updates) by installing the appimaged daemon. If you prefer traditional packaging systems, we encourage you to try out community-supported packages for your distro.

Tech structure tooltips

Mouse-over a capturable tech structure for a description of what it provides.

Notable gameplay changes in this release include:

  • Significant improvements to rendering performance and unit responsiveness
  • Descriptive tooltips for tech structures
  • Tech structures and walls remain on the battlefield if their owner is defeated
  • Overhauled Chronoshift-return behaviour in Red Alert
  • Disabled Kill Bounties in the Red Alert campaign and default multiplayer configuration
  • Fixes for several crashes and gameplay bugs in release-20180307
  • A collection of community balance changes in Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn

As always, we suggest you read the changelog for more complete information, and head over to the download page to get started with the new release!

The latest Mod SDK releases contain major improvements over the 20180307 release:

  • Support for creating Linux packages (via AppImages)
  • Overhauled tools and documentation for updating mods
  • Improved error detection and messages for common modding mistakes
  • Support for creating mods that extend one of the default OpenRA mods

Our investment in the SDK over the past 18 months is paying dividends with impressive community projects now under development. We would like to highlight the recent release of Shattered Paradise, which gives players a first look at Tiberian Sun on OpenRA, and the impressive progress of the KKnD Remake project.

The KKND project aims to remake KKND 1 and 2 using the OpenRA engine.

IceReaper, classic RTS enthusiast and lead developer of the KKnD remake, has also started a video series that illustrates from first principles how to reverse-engineer the asset formats from an old game (Earth 2140) and build a stand-alone remake using OpenRA. We recommend following this series as it develops if you have some programming experience and would like to learn more about reverse engineering and creating projects using OpenRA.

ApornasPlanet - - 4,132 comments


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Alex_06 - - 1,126 comments

Please make a Dark Reign and Earth 2140 version of OpenRA as well! :D

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pchote Author
pchote - - 35 comments

Dark Reign:
Earth 2140: IceReaper will release the prototype project at the end of his video series.

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Guest - - 699,809 comments

does KKND use the .shp format for their graphics?

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IceReaper - - 19 comments

No, i build .png support for the custom assets and implemented loaders for the original file formats ;)

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PetrenkaPie - - 1,039 comments

You are a god. Is it palette restricted?

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IceReaper - - 19 comments

Yes, but 32bpp sprite support is on my todo list

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23-down - - 3,600 comments

Dark Colony was another epic game back in the old days... It would surely look great in openra.

As for the KKND remake.. It looks and sounds amazing. Fantastic work and good luck.

Same to the devs of Shattered Paradise.

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Dzierzan - - 826 comments

I did play Dark Colony. I'd rather say it was an average game. Their art style was certainly cool and the game was surely balanced cause devs decided to totally mirror factions, although there's one slight difference which makes Humans better. Regardless that, the game was yet another RTS with nothing special actually. The way of base building was unique, but there was no room for some kind of expansions, hence why you had ability to instantly produce units. Plus mirrored factions made it more tedious.

IceReaper fully reversed engineered DC's game files, so it's good to start working on that. However maybe after remaking both KKND games, he and me might work on this game.

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OrangeNero - - 6,594 comments

KKnD is on GOG, found out about it there about a year ago. Looked cool!

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Trempler - - 663 comments

This will bring me back to OpenRA when it is out.
CanĀ“t wait for KKND :)

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hellodean - - 1,451 comments

since other mods are being discussed, is anyone working on a 7th legion mod?

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Dzierzan - - 826 comments

As far as I know no one. That game is truly obscure. I mean I did play it when I was a kid, but when I've tried it again recently, it was a total disaster. Now surely ORA can save this game, as it uses a lot of familiar mechanics such as MCVs, Power Plants to get power and standard "build critical mass and win". However probably the biggest flaw of this RTS game is its stupid card system and the way of getting resources. If anyone ever remakes that game (I wouldn't be suprised if it was me and IceReaper, though after KKND1/2 we might switch to Dark Colony), then resource system and card system have to be totally overhauled to be at least playable.

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hellodean - - 1,451 comments

yeah I agree, when I played it I liked the setting and unit design but I agree the card system and resources I found odd. also the unit movement needed polishing.
A version more similar to C&C would be an improvement imo

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Guest - - 699,809 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

TiberFCSL - - 283 comments

Keep up the good work!! :D

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