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With four months worth of patches making their way out, there's a ton of new stuff.

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Highlights of this OpenRA release include:

  • Added Dune 2000 mod (fronted by Matt)
  • Dedicated server support (fronted by ihpthru)
  • UPnP support for multi-player
  • Option to pause the game (hit F3)
  • Two re-imagined RA missions are included, Allies01 and Allies02 (by Scott)
  • Improved logic for Harvesters (by James Dunne)
  • New map editor tiles to use for RA's temperate theme (by Harisson)
  • Selection tool in editor for copy-pasting terrain
  • Four new RA units: Demo Truck, Sniper, Volkov and Chronotank
  • Seven new community made RA maps
  • Snow tileset for CnC (by Nyerguds)
  • Plenty of RA balance changes

The full user-friendly changelog can be found on the forum, or by viewing the commit on github.

Dune 2000

UPnP Support

Single-Player Missions

Red Alert Temperat Terrain Expansion

Snow in Tiberian Dawn


I read 'Dune 2000' mod and want to play it but I don't know where to download whatever this whole thing is.

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feillyne Staff

It's an addon/mod for OpenRA, here:
ModDB page:

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You gotta fix the link in the main site, pointing to "Download OpenRA for Linux".

UPDATE: It's already fixed now.

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Update Mods page -

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Will you add desert terrain for RA?

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Milanium Author

This is already in the pipeline:

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