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New early teaser trailer of the FreeSpace 2 mod set in the Mortal Engines movie universe.

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Hey, everyone!

Sorry for the delay since the Reevening with author Philip Reeve, but I have released the first look at Rekt Galaxies, in the form of an early teaser trailer.

I wanted everyone to have a very tiny glimpse of the mod I am working right now. There are lots of action outside the planet Earth, where the 2018 Mortal Engines film takes place.

I can't wait to see this happen. Sadly, though, the mod doesn't have a release date yet because I only tend to release it when it's done.

UPDATE #1: We've got one like and five dislikes on the Youtube so far. Those dislike say that either the video is a slightly altered version of the cutscenes from the Ancient Shivan-War mod or merely video playback issues (e.g. stuttering due to recording software coupled with my machine specs). Regardless, it informs me of my intent to make it more distinct and not similar to others and I want it to make it good as possible without scope creep. Plus I want to make it more terrifying as I wanted Rekt Galaxies to exploit players' deepest fears in the age of COVID-19, Trump, and authoritarian populism backed by both sides of the political spectrum. And I will only accept those who are really not wolves in sheep's clothing to help; I believe Michael Nelson (AKA Mjn.Mixael) will help.

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