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A summary of what will happen, if the power of developing the mod will come, or the mod dies.

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Hello, fans of SoaG. As most of you know, Bornsteller and Faced have both left the mod team. And seeing that if I can't find another modeler as good as both of them are, I'm afraid I have no choice but to pass on the reigns of development to someone else, or have the mod face it's fate of death by inactivity. I refuse to let that happen, fortunately, but not under my supervision. So it's with sincere, and solemn regret that I am proud to say that I have asked Lord_Set to take the reigns of development of this mod, given that he is busy with Dawn of the Reapers, and lead this mod to a better and brighter future. If he accepts my proposal, I will hope to see this mod become VERY successful in a future with Lord_Set and his mod team and hopefully keep the ones I have gathered for mine. If he does accept, which I hope, I will hold this mod dear and very close to my heart, in the hope that he remains to the original designs and concepts that I have given that hopefully Marcmondonedo will perfect into how he sees them. I am sorry to those of you whom I have regretfully failed to appease during my time on this mod, and I'm really, really sorry. And if he accepts, I hope he takes care of the original mod team. I have tried to make Faced understand what I have to deal with when he left, and since I have told him, he hasn't responded back to me. If his arrogance of not understanding me is what's going to be in the way, then I can't say no. From now on, if Lord_Set accepts the offer, my time on Sins of a Generation is over. It brings tears to my eyes to see myself type this, but it is unfortunate to say that I have no choice, as I'm technologically unable to do so. My internet access is so limited that I feel as if I want to demonize it due to that I have to deal with Verizon's My-fi plan of 16 gigs of data per month. As much as I want to help my team, I can't. I'm too much of a burden to them, and was to Born and Faced. Those of you whom have been with us since the discovery of this mod, I am sorry, but am happy to see you stuck with us since the beginning. Good bye, everyone, and good night.

Vlad12- former developer of Sins of a Generation

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