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The second of many regular updates to keep people posted!

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A little over a month and a half I believe since the project was started and things are looking pretty good.

The homepage got a little bit of a redesign with updated screenshots, and a new trailer.

As for the game itself, I chipped at it a little bit throughout the month since the last update. Mainly to take a break from hammer and work more on assets and plans. Stuff like the story and puzzles, that kinda stuff. So when I say "chipped at it a little bit" I really only mean in the case of Hammer. I have a much more solid idea of what I want the story to be, before now it was just "gordon does tests and GLaDOS exists" but I just thought that was too weak. So in the updated summery, you can see there's a tad more plot involved. So now that I have a bit more plot and an idea on where I want things to go, I've started back up with Hammer and have been creating maps every day for the past couple of days. I still have no clue when the game will come out, all I can say is I plan for about 10 or 15 chapters, and as of now I am only mostly the way through Chapter 3.

Also thanks to some comments I have gotten here I have improved my hammer skills a bit more, and my screenshot taking skills. So some older areas will be getting a refresh later down the line, and current areas look really good. And to promote the game I of course made the new screenshots and trailer. So thank you all for commenting! It really helps out with not only production, but keeping me motivated enough to work on a project that I hope you all will enjoy!

I hope that y'all stick around for the next update. See you then!


Le epique

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