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We have decided to take the Stros M'Kai mod in a completely new direction by rewriting our main quest from the ground up. We have decided to scrap the Assassin's War story in favor of a story that follows the history and heritage of the Redguards more closely. To add to the role playing element, we want to give the player the choice of which side to take.

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Stros M'Kai Alpha Update trailer by Darkelfguy

As mentioned in the summary, we have taken a completely new approach with our main story line and have opted to follow the history and heritage of the Redguard race. We did not want to rehash the classic story involving the saving of the Empire. Stros M'Kai is home to the Redguards, and we wanted the Redguards to be our focus. For inspiration we took an inductive approach towards the study of Moorish history and Haitian voodoo culture. We are quite pleased with the results.

In addition to totally reworking the story line, we have made a number of new additions and alterations to the visuals of the mod. We have added several new models and textures in order to achieve a "first time feeling" when exploring the island. There are several new dungeons to explore, including; Dwemer ruins (by Thane5), catacombs, city sewers, goblin caves, ancient Yokudan ruins and a pirate cove/hideout.

The most significant changes have not been in the realm of visuals, but in programming, dialogue and quest writing. Shortly after beginning, the player will find themselves landing in Stros M'Kai during a time of upheaval. A massive and mysterious plague has broken out on the island and the locals have been forced indoors and quarantined. The source of the plague is unknown, but the player soon discovers that ominous forces are behind it. After unraveling the mystery, the player is faced with a choice, aid the radicals and eradicate the foreigners from Stros M'Kai, or support the Empire and bring down the forces behind the plague. To add to the role playing element, we put the choice in the player's hands. You determine the fate of Stros M'Kai.

Lastly, we want to thank all of our mod supporters (YOU!) for your patience as we have completely reworked several aspects of our mod. We work hard to collect your feedback and implement it in a way that brings Stros M'Kai to life. We are confident that your patience will yield a mod that you will fully enjoy!

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