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Red Alliance Update 65 is out! Bringing huge graphics and physics update!

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In this Update Red Alliance was finally fully transferred to Unity 5! All environment materials were replaced by PBR materials as well as that we are now using Unity's dynamic GI in Prison and City levels. Here is a full list of new features, changes and implementations.

- Fully remade scenery lighting in Prison, City and Main Menu levels
- Implemented Substance materials for Environment objects.
- Implemented new Prison props and some old weapon models were replaced.
- Character's FPS Rig was fully replaced by new one, with now changeable skins (up to 7 variations of different sleeves, gloves, etc).
- New weapon models include : AKS-74u, RPG-7, Tec-9, RGD-5 Grenade, Deagle
- Brought back the Forest Level, now with train tracks and a moving train on which player arrives from previous City level.
- Replaced majority of props in Forest Level, replaced all NPCs and supply crates as well as changed the ending of Forest Level.
- Remade damage models on movable and destructible props, now a more accurate and more optimized damage model.
- Updated Player controller, player now doesn't get stuck on certain objects.
- Remade vehicle controller, now a lot more responsive and more realistic.
- Remade saving system, is now more dynamic, and easier to set up.

See the full video Update here :

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