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In this update I demonstrate the new weapon system which allows the player to carry up to 3 weapons and a knife. Each weapon can be stored in slots. Also I show the Campaign Phase 2, which is in the forest, I have improved the graphics, the enviroment, added enemies around the level and addded a lot more new things! :)

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In the following Update I demonstrate the new slot system for weapons. There are 3 weapon slots and a knife. The first slot can store handguns, second slot can store SMGs, Assault Rifles and other automatic rifles. The third weapon slot can hold sniper rifles and shotguns. Also I have improved the player's Heads Up Display. Later in the video I demonstrate the Phase 2 of the campaign. I have massivelly improved the graphics in the game, added a settings button in the pause menu, added enemies around the level, improved the athmosphere in the starting base of that level, and implemented a lot of new weapons, new animations and more awesome things! :)

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