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Anti-projectile vessels have arrived! Also, Advanced AIs, visual and sound improvement.

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Rejuvenation 2

v 1.30 Change Log

New Units

-------Mostly original concept and models, new sounds and voices, new special effects-------

  • New Allied T3 Gunship: Prometheus Multigunship

-cost 2400

-Purpose: Advanced anti-surface / Light Unit Multigunner adaptation

-Arsenal: Proton missile silos x6; weapon adapting system

-When loaded with a light allied vehicle, the front-lower hull can borrow its arsenal, like the IFV with infantry.

Allied PrometheusAUA Evacuate


  • New Allied T3 Anti Bombardment ship: Amphitrite Cruiser

-cost 2600

-Purpose: Experimental Anti-Surface / Anti-Air / Anti-Projectile;

-Arsenal: Proton Splitter (divides into up to 3 branches of collider particle weapon upon primal impact); Quick firing particle cannon x 4; Sub-level sonic emitter;

-Special Ability: Chrono Velocity, reaches staggering speed;

-Carries a drone, Triton interceptor, circling the cruiser for anti-projectile;

QK20WTM0 D3EEDRNGHTAbilityAUAmp2SpeedAbilityAUAmp2Normal


  • New GRF T2.5 Gunship: Pronoia Gunship

-cost 1900

-Purpose: Advanced anti-armor / Toggling Anti-Air

-Arsenal: Sonic cannons x2; Mini laser emitter;

-Medium Gunship toggling between AG and AA mode;

GRF PronoiaAbilityGU2CannonModeModeAbilityGU2LaserMode


  • Remade GRF Epic unit: Chione

-Weather control device is highlighted in the latest design.

GRF ChioneAbilityGULightningStormAbilityGUBizzardMode


  • New Soviet T1.5 Infantry: Hover Cycle

-cost 800

-Purpose: Light amphibious assault, anti-surface

-A more advanced replacement of the mortar cycle. Fires the machine guns and mortar together, with special warhead to be s tesla shell.

Legion Hover BikeAbilityLUTeslaStrike


  • New Soviet T3 Anti Bombardment ship / sub: Ironclad

-cost 2800

-Purpose: Experimental Anti-Surface / Anti-Air / Anti-Projectile;

-Arsenal: Torpedo launchers x4 in the front hull; Tesla Coilgun prototype x6 for anti-naval combat.; Side-mounted Tesla stingers x 6 (AA); Ironfield;

-Special Ability: turns off all guns for submerging mode, no need to surface to fire torpedo.

-The most technologically advanced of the red navy, with Ironfield to nullify ballistic projectiles with high efficiency; toggling between sub and ship mode;



  • New Empire T3 Transformer Anti Bombardment ship: Shokaku Heavy Cruiser / Shokaku Arial Cruiser

-cost 3200

-Purpose: Advanced Anti-Surface / Anti-Air / Anti-Projectile

-Arsenal: Emperor’s Spitting Device; Pulser torpedoes x2; Photon missile pods x2; Micro waveforce interceptors x2;

-Special Ability: Takes off, transforming to flight mode;

-"Soaring Crane", Following the success of the revolutionary AI-assisted giga-fortress prototype, this version simplified transforming mechanism while boosted mobility; besides the ultra-heavy energy weapon powered by the core generator, the cruiser installs even more traditional weapons;

FZA CRAB2G1G119C I21 1

  • Remade Empire T3 Bombardment ship: Shin Shogun Battleship

-cost 3200

-Another battery in the front hull, making it 1.5 times of the bombardment firepower now, and 2 rapid kinetic guns for light air and surface defense.

- Nano reaction drone is now concealed in the rear chamber, released only when there is airborne target.

- Special ability is also modified. Now it will not have sail in straight line to crush enemy vessels but instead activate the shield for 8 secs and roam free, but it loses the ability to damage structures.

Japan shin shogun

Shin Shogun



  • Elite and Heroic units will have even more health and firepower (About 25% every stage), and the buffs stack in the next phase;


  • Adding 1 advanced AI for each faction, (more personalities will come later): Direct Impact, Heavy Battalion, Artillery Division; featuring 400% income, epic and experimental units, multiple factories and rapid T3 tech climb;
  • Original AIs will also spam more types of units;


-Visuals and sounds:

  • New visual fx: all missiles firing will have more realistic trails; I am done with that flame arrow like effect; all of giga-fortress’s weapon will have new effects especially in heroic states, where the color tone will be lavender blue.

sshot0449 demo

sshot0450 demosshot0451 demo

  • New sound fx: Replace the ringing, annoying sound effect of Growler’s ball lightning.
  • Chione and Kirov Bastion will descend from high altitude instead of rising from airbase upon production complete.


  • Engineer-Multigunner APEV will now be able to repair structure;
  • Apocalypse tank’s front tracks will now roll normally;
  • All the language mistakes in description box (Except for some unknown reason that the prerequisite of Nano-Reaction Clouds won't display).

-Buff & Nerf

  • ↑Future Tank will skip the charging stage if not encountering any hostiles for over 5 secs, also with slower rate of fire but the same DPS; the cost will decrease from 3000 to 2800;
  • ↑Turbulence LCS will have about 15% weaker armor, but fire laser and launch Osprey at the same time; Shield range increases to 300
  • ↑Apocalypse Tank will have 1.25 times of overall firepower and cost will increase from 2200 to 2400;
  • ↑Reaper will now gain initial auto heal, 225% boost in anti-air firepower;
  • ↑Floating Disc will have 1.25 times of Armor but the cost will increase from 2000 to 2200;
  • ↓Queen Oni will have 0.8 times of anti-air firepower and cost will increase from 2300 to 2500;
  • ↑↑Giga-Fortress: god’s breath laser will sweep the ground for much shorter linear range but larger areas for each explosion node and can fire while moving, with 50% damage amount per area; add a psionic depressor in sky mode that radiates psionic energy to slowly harm all types of units surrounding it; firepower increased about 30% in naval mode; turning speed increase 100%. These enhancements are made considering giga-fortress’s stricter production prerequisite than its counterpart.

sshot0475 Demo

sshot0384 demo

sshot0470 Demo

sshot0365 demo


sshot0367 demo

sshot0464 Demo

sshot0421 demo

sshot0466 Demo

sshot03671 Demo

sshot0359 demo

sshot0351 Demo

Download Link

Download Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation V1.30 - Mod DB

Note: The file name remains the same (as V1.0) for you to replace them easily.

Coming Next...

All advanced AIs for the next update:

Direct Impact

Talon's Grip

Lateral Disintegration

Heavy Battalion

Iron Sky

Concussion Inducer

Artillery Division

Mecha Storm

Maritime Swarm




QQ20220826231603IMG 1285


Awesome, I was waiting for this version to play!

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i play this mod only for floating disc unit xD , i wish i can see soviet mastermind tank

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