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Lower tier, more diversified units. Improvement on visuals and sound effects.

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Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation v 1.16

Change Log


My principle: New units must come with original concept and models, new sounds and voices, new special effects.

  • New GRF T3 infantry: Chrono Legionnaire

-cost 1500

-Purpose: Teleporting Cryo Anti-Surface to replace cryo legionnaire;

-Teleporting suit and icicle minigun; Can kill frozen unit with icicle minigun;


sshot0380 cryo demo

  • New Fujitai T2 MBT: Takashio Tank – (hammer tank absorption enabled)

-cost 1000

-Purpose: Anti-armor; Omni-terrain assault

-Stronger than tsunami in firepower and armor, but slower and unable to repair itself in toggled mode like tsunami;

(Now you can see the overall philosophy of Fujitai ground army: Able to traverse through and adapt all terrain, whether it is through transformation, leaping or phasing; I called this Omni-terrain, not just amphibious)

bJUTakashioTankFUA AbilityNanophasingFUA AbilityMainGuns


Here thanks goes to @Nord_Licht for the original materials for me to modify

  • New Empire universal demolition unit: Munashi Kamikazer;

-cost 1600

-Purpose: Demolition through self-destruction;

-Phasing Demolition hovercraft. Able to walk through objects or cliffs.

-Only release passive low-level suicide energy when destroyed. Friendly fire is prevented. Must finish the sequence (3s) to release seismic waves with full power.

bJUMunashiFUA AbilityMADSequence

sshot0380 demo4

  • New Legion T2 MBT: Stalin-M tank – (hammer tank absorption enabled)

-cost 1200

-Purpose: Anti-armor; Anti-ground after upgrade

-Repairs itself in combat through mini leech beam;

-Can be upgrade with tesla coilgun by TP-shell upgrade, good vs. all ground units;

-Even before the upgrade, it is the strongest T2 MBT in one-on-one battle to defeat every competitor;

-Microwave Burst, emitting from mini leech beam generator for seconds, melting metals surrounding them, perfect for battalion fight.



K8CCFEL8 I65HD2FY5U6 demo

  • New Soviet T2 Heavy infantry: Tesla Inquisitor

-cost 1200

-Purpose: Advanced Anti ground; Paralyzing

-Over twice the health value of tesla trooper, Legion's Elite infantry will replace the lightning shooting infantry. Like Tesla Growler, they use ball lightning emitter for mildly longer range.

-Channels energy into top-mounted antenna that shoots a immobilizing that, unlike the terror drone's version, can even freeze and eat away human flesh.


sshot0073 demo

  • New Soviet T3 Heavy Gunship: Floating Disc

-cost 2000

-Purpose: Anti ground; AA; resource accumulation;

-Whimsy, extraterrestrial-like floating platform, pairing tesla ring, stinger beam with tesla ring.

-Able to use Magnetic Siphon to tears off matters from hostile facilities before converting them to raw materials, founding the warfare coffers. I mean every type of enemy structure!



sshot03810 demo4



  • Allied AI will now build future tanks;

-Visuals and sounds

  • Some colors adjusted for better distinguishing;
  • The model of Harbinger has been scaled by 1.25.
  • New explosion fx for triblade’s incineration guns; New fire fx for apoc’s gun muzzle; New fire fx for pacifier’s gun projectile; New for basic machine gun trail for apev.
sshot0360 demo

  • New Voice: Add fear voice for Zone Reaction Captain like other commando when seriously hurt; Tesla Growler, replace quotes “like my new treads” with “like my new legs”; “Tesla tank, charge complete.” with “Tesla Growler, charge complete.”, which is by using some audio editing technique.
  • New sound fx: Chronograph and Chione firing; Turbulence LCS; Orca Attacker’s proton mine firing; MAPEV’s missile firing and passenger exit; Tesla Growler Deployment.
  • Adjustment to some of GRF units’ textures to better fit the art style;
  • Reaper and Tesla Growler will now display new ability button and description to match its function;


  • Now correct taskbar name of Rejuvenation mod will be shown
  • Now it is forbidden to build 5 Kirov Bastions, Zone Reaction Captains or Chiones using hotkeys, :);

  • Add hero decal for zone reaction captain;

sshot0362 demo

  • Play correct voice for all units when dying or shrunk;
  • Add correct collapse model for Tesla Growler;

  • All new heavily armored (flying) infantries will be sucked away by magnetic satellite;


  • Pacifier gains about 30% more firepower for anti-armor in mobile mode
  • Chione gets additional Icicle Gatling weapon, boost the cryo power about 50% in blizzard mode;
  • Triblade will now have 105% firepower in incineration guns;
  • Steel Ronin Cost decrease: from 1600 to 1500;
  • Chopper-VX fires much more accurately on infantries by overall quicker missile projectile.


  • T3 bombardment ship Cost&buildtime increase: 2700(26s) for Aircraft Carrier; 2800(26s) for Dreadnought; 3000(28s) for Shogun Battleship, which is the preparatory adjustment for future T3 medium-ranged anti-bombardment ships;
  • But, triblade will no longer be able to auto-repair without heroic level;
  • Now Kirov Bastion also requires war factory to build; Say goodbye to water-only map now;
  • Queen Oni is now less powerful against infantries; areal ship mode cannot beat mech mode in one-on-one versus;

sshot0380 elec demo 1

sshot0380 demo3

sshot0313 demo

sshot0326 demo

sshot0388 demo

sshot0380 demo

To be improved

T3 ships is the next, the only type of units capable of intercepting ballistic missiles!

While soviet one can submerge!


The empire will get a transformer T3 ship again! These are my drafts QQ20220424150933

The Allies has advanced modern-styled trimaran! One of the render I did earlier for other project can be the basis.

Arsenal Battle Carrier

Other stuff...


JackGranger - - 75 comments

"My principle: New units must come with original concept and models, new sounds and voices, new special effects."
You're a hero Parametheus, and that will be the way history remembers you. Salutations, you deserve it.

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Guest - - 693,269 comments

Hopefully we can improve the AI in the three countries. I mean, in actual combat, they usually don't make very advanced units. Sorry, my English is not very good......

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Nord_Licht - - 424 comments

This is dedication. Well polished original design instead of copypaste.
(Is the last concept art referring to ornithopter from Dune ?)

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Parametheus Author
Parametheus - - 185 comments

Yep. Thanks

Reply Good karma+1 vote
EvilLucifer117 - - 3 comments

how do i install?

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