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Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation v 1.05 Update available. Please give a high rating if you like it! Your support will motivate me for the next update.;)

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Red Alert 3: Rejuvenation v 1.05

Change Log

  • -Add missing buttons (avatar for special abilities) and text description. Missing name: Wave-Burst Angel, Zone Reaction Captain, Sea Scorpion, Turbine.


  • -Add unique-toned and emotional voices for Cockroach, Chione, Chronograph, Battering Ram, Zone Reaction Captain and Sea scorpion. Which is made possible by the program, DeepThroat (Natural emotive high-fidelity text-to-speech synthesis with minimal viable data) in, the best text-to-speech I have ever seen!

  • -Add more skirmish colors: burgundy, dark tan, dark green, aquamarine, gray, pink and persimmon without the original order changed.


  • -Fix: IFV and Apev will now use Zone Reaction Captain’s weapon when garrisoned.
  • -Adjustment Recycle unused special create, select, combat select, and move voice for Wave-Burst Angel to make it different from rocket angel.

New Units Plans for future


  • [Base walker], cost 1000, T2 vehicle to replace guardian tank

Purpose: Anti-armor base vehicle

Titan-like walker that can be upgraded by high-tech. Tall, weapon projectile above structure and cliff.



  • [flying mini drone-carrier], cost 1700, T3 Hover Aircraft

Purpose: Advanced Support /Mini anti air/ground drone-carrier / structure repair / cash stealing

Like floating disc in YR and much less powerful leviathan from C&C 4.

IMG 1146


  • [hovercraft infantry], cost 600, T2 infantry to replace mortar cycle

Purpose: Anti-infantry, harassment, amphibious

Equipped with heavy machine gun, Short range mortar


  • [Base Tank], cost 1100, best T2 vehicle to replace hammer tank

Purpose: Anti-armor base tank

Best tank that can be upgraded with TP shell

IMG 1147

  • [commando], cost 2000, T3 flying commando

Purpose: Advanced Anti-ground, infantry

May resemble some appearance of cosmonaut, use tesla weapon, anti-air rocket and weaponized magnetic satellite for anti-structure


  • [New Crusier], cost 1800, T2 naval unit to replace akula sub

Purpose: Advanced Anti-navy

Armed with a rocket luancher and rear tesla stingers for anti-submarine, re-designed from the abandoned soviet ship concept.

VZPG1AV9MC FSJBTXE27dreadnought2


  • Munashi Kamikazer, Cost 1500; T3 Vehicle

Purpose: Demolition

A weird demolition truck with special locomotor that can walk straight through solid objects or float over cliffs to destination for self-destruction. As shown in Fujitai mech bay is a sudden transport alike unit, which is What I am experimenting.

It can even trick enemy to attack its own base if let that overlap on the enemy building before kamikaze attack.

v2 1c721d582c1e9f48c64440dcdabec

[To be decided], Cost 1800; T3 Vehicle

A powerful T3 unit, a supplement for relatively weaker empire arsenal.



  • [Enhanced Base Infantry], Cost 250, T1 to replace imperial warrior.

Purpose: Strongest T1 infantry

steamuserimages a akamaihd

  • [Siege infantry], Cost 1500, T3 Infantry

Purpose: Standard long range bombardment

Fujitai has medium range siege vehicle, despite powerful yet not enough to compensate its range.

The image is for reference only, if I violate any copyright thing, I will delete it


To be improved

  • AI for sub-factions is not available now, please do not make it a computer opponent, it will not work. In the future I will add it.
  • The empire factions are relatively weaker and less completed and I am aware of that. It will be improved.

Please give a high rating if you like it! Your support will motivate me for the next update.;)


Looking forward to more! Love it!

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