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Bugfixes, balances changes and even new content, what's not to love?

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Hi commanders,

I hope you enjoyed the lastest update of Red Alert 20XX, because I have more for you. This marks the release of 1.0.5a, a simple yet important patch that will fully finalize the 1.0.5 update. Make sure to grab it here and let's check out what this patch is all about.

= Patch 1.0.5a changelog =

1. New content

-Updated Phobos to Build #24;

User Posted Image

-Added the Shenlong Airfortress, which replaces the Ling Ao. It fires a chargeable flame beam underneat it, which deals heavy damage. Unique to China. You can see it in action here (Credits to Crazy Bird);

User Posted Image

-Added a new Allied Construction Yard model (Credits to Scipcion);

User Posted Image

-Yet again, added a new Ore Purifier model (Credits to McPwny for the base model and to UNSC for the edited version);

User Posted Image

-Added a new model to the Legion Tank, which now shows its Missile Interception System (Credits to Crazy Bird);

2. SFX, graphics and sound

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image
User Posted Image

-Integrated Phobos's lasertrail logic : better aircraft's flying effect, better artilleries's trails, better nuke afterburner, better missiles effect;

3. Balance and bugfixes

-Increase the damage of the Orca Type S versus defenses and vehicles;
-Made the V3's missiles rise up faster and have less time between recharges. Also made its missiles faster and increased its health;
-Made the Hammerhead's missile rise up faster and have less time between recharges. Also made the missiles faster and with more health. The damage radius and damage spread in the cells affected were also increased;
-Made flamethrower weapons more efficient at clearing garrisonned buildings;
-Made the Berzerker and the Hoplite immune to dogs;
-Added a new VPL that fixes the pink dots on some voxel models;
-Fixed some buildings's art on night maps (some had overly bright pixels);
-Fixed the Allied Power Plant's animations and layering issues;
-Using Phobos, fixed the drone attacking friendly units bug;
-Fixed a bug where artilleries would chase their target and get too close to enemy fire;
-Removed some duplicate tags.

= Media =

As some of you may have been aware, the Red Alert Anniversary event just ended. Red Alert 20XX version 1.0.5 was showcased on the 19th of November. Here's the video made by Danku, showing briefly each countries :

Outside of the RA Anniversary event, zoom3000 also made a video for the release of 1.0.5.

Enjoy and if you like the videos, make sure to subscribe to their respective channels.

See you for 1.0.6!


The jet trail looks awesome

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