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This version of the alpha includes a new mission/gameplay style and multiple bug fixes.

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Hey everyone, Recruits Alpha v0.032 is ready to download and play now!

Desura Digital Distribution

If you haven't already, head over to the game page on Desura to preorder and support Recruits, giving you instant access to the latest alpha version of the game that includes all the features we have been showing. Also vote for us over at our Steam Greenlight page to help us get on steam!

In this update we have shuffled around our mission list. The new mission is now Mission 2.
It is a Stealth mission where you must quietly make your way into the enemy base to then complete your objectives.

As always we ask that you give us as much feedback as you can in our forums so that for the next update we can improve on this game mode and make it even better.

Sorry about the JPEG artifacts, we will get them better quality for next time.

Changes for Alpha v0.032:

  • Added Stealth mission attributes
  • Added enemies remeaining in survival mode
  • Added Effects for Carpet bomb and airstrike (ALT scroll)
  • Added New mission
  • Changed Mission Orders (Newest Mission is now Mission 2) Stealth Mission
  • Changed claymore damage
  • Changed bullet tracer colour
  • Changed One ability per level for now until shop system is complete
  • Fixed Culling objects not working
  • Fixed Player infor getting stuck when pressing sift
  • Fixed some Gibbing issues
  • Fixed enemy POV alerts
  • Fixed cutscene skip bugs
  • Fixed screen res issues with incorrect numbers
  • Fixed Grenade men seeing backwards
  • Fixed Misc A.I bugs
  • Known issue of Mission 05 description text not working.
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Wow this is looking awesome man, reminds me a bit of cannon fodder, only less cartoony, well done and a thumbs up from a fellow aussie for greenlight :)

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3dRobbo Author

Cheers man! really appreciate it!

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Yeah, really awesome. It reminds me Killzone: Liberation. )

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Wow, awesome work!

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this game will be a huge success ones it is finished and released, and with a nice low prize E 4,29 euro's it will be bought quit a lot!

you guys deserve it, you do a awesome work with this top down shooter!


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Wait a sec.

This game takes place ONLY during the Vietnam War, right?.

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3dRobbo Author

Its in the same time period (Vietnam, Cold War - 60's 70's) But we don't want to limit ourselves so we will have missions all over the world!

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