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Looking for people who want to help on a mod and are willing to work.

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Are you interested in contributing to a medieval 2 mod? As development continues for Lucium Total War's 3.0 European Update, we need **your** help with writing descriptions for a variety of crucial assets. This would start with unit descriptions and later become building, ancillary, and possibly even faction descriptions. Also, as we continue past 3.0 you might get the opportunity to become a full time member if you are hard working and dependable. **ANYONE** who contributes will receive mod contributor(a discord rank) and credit in the mod for the work they do.

__What you need! __
1. **Knowledge of English** - All descriptions will be written in English. However, don't be afraid if English is a 2nd or 3rd language; as long as you can write, we'll check all descriptions for errors.
2. **Dependability** - We need to know that you won't just abandon us without completed work. If you're unable to do the job just let us know and all will be well. Development is a long process that would be 2 weeks of work and over this will take months of work.
3. **Ability to work to a deadline** - Any development will have deadlines and as long as you can either complete your work or notify us of why you can't you should be good. However, repeat failure to meet deadlines is unacceptable.
4. **Ability to LEARN and RESEARCH** - You'll need to make sure that you understand what you're writing about so make sure you do some research. If you have any questions about what you're doing you can always ask us. Also if you are interested in coming on full time you'll need to be able to learn.

That's it! If you're interested in becoming a contributor please join our Discord server(link below) and DM me on discord, Ayedren#8179 . There will be a short interview when you message me.

Discord -
Moddb -

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