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Latest news and Progress; Scenes, Cultures, Weapons, and More.

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I've been working on scenes so that if you go to the water tribe it will be
snowy and such, Still need to make Ba Sing Se EPIC.
I have also implemented many new weapons, we've replaced all the
sword meshes with our own.
I've added a couple animations. (for bending and such)
I also made crossing points like in the wonderful Brytenwalda mod. (Between Continents)

I finished the new character creation options,
It will work like so....
Option 1 chooses your bending ability's,
Option 2 Affects your skills,
Option 3 Affects your Attributes,
And Option 4 Affects your weapon Proficiency's and starting weapons.

After talking with Waseem, He has voluteered to help out
and become involved with the project at a later stage.
Currently his exciting works can be found at New Dawn;
and here are some of his personal works: "
Thank you very much Waseem.


Cool :) I hope this Mod will be great!

(Can't wait for the EPIC Ba Sin Se) :)

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