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Using Editart to create new replacement art files, and other details regarding packaging.

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Between some additional map work, mostly on the mine and sunken city maps, I've been recreating new art files, free of the original graphics of Duke3d.

I've also found a nice way of packaging it, although I've not tested it out on a Mac or Linux machine yet, its simply a matter of finding out how to load mods with those versions of Eduke32. As Eduke32 is provided for all three platforms, once I can test at least the Mac version, I can add a Mac Demo.

Recently my dad acquired an nice G5 Mac that I can test out Eduke32 and the OCD total conversion.

Using KZip and its special compression method, I've created a PK4 file in place of duke3d's group file. With all the right little DAT files included, it can now run independant of duke3d's GRP file.

My next phase is adding more original art and textures and creating brand new ART files, clean of Duke3d's graphics.

This will also make modding easy for other users once the game is complete. Much like Duke3d did, I plan on leaving copies of the CON files outside of the PK4 group file for modding.

As for level progress,

The south bound highway is getting closer to completion, will now have two fly-by zones(but same amount of enemy ships) and a electro-dam w/ interior, and abandoned gas station store.

The sunken city is only half done, with several interiors needing to be finished or expanded. There's an apartment complex, head quarters, sports store, several resturants and a super market. Plus several other stores to explore/loot since the area is 'mostly' abandoned.

I'm still working out mission and sub-mission details in a notebook, but will be keeping mum on the specifics.

So far the premise is that you are part of a planetary defense network that generally stomps out pirates, but lately that has mostly ceased, leading up to a surprise attack on Terra from an unknown force. This enemy has apparently ingrained itself into the planets infrastructure and commerce system and its up to your organization to stop it and find its source...

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