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"Potestas Dominius Armada". List of ships and vessels of this powerful Salah`Zarr state.

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Light Ships:

1. "Encroacher" (light vessel with fast engines and rocket launchers)

2. "Eviscerator" (light ship with heavy plasma weapons and storm-shields system)

3. "Rakish" (light vessel with stealth-generator and "killer"-torpedos)

4. "Void Shadow" (light ship with powerful stealth-generator and heavy proton cannon)

5. "Raven Eye" (ship of secret police, powerful and fast with photon cannon, but have very small size)

Medium Ships:

1. "Cavalarrius" (medium transporting ship with heavy armor and fast engines)

2. "Enoh" (medium battleship with heavy plasma cannons and torpedo launchers)

3. "Immolator" (medium battle cruiser with launcher of "Salah`Zarr Fire", the most deadly ship)

4. "Absolute Malice" (medium frigate with atomic rocket launchers, can destroy the whole fleet)

5. "Magnificent" (medium vessel with heavy solar-tech weapons, but have weakness in shields)

Heavy ships:

1. "Penetrator" (super massive ship with heavy torpedo launchers, powerful shields and good armor)

2. "Prayer" (massive ship-church, home of exarch representatives, have telepathic control systems)

3. "Will of Potestas" (super ship with heavy armor and "destructor" weapon systems, pride of Salah`Zarr)

4. "Ferrum Invictus" (supership with too big size and armor, citadel-vessel with thousand weapon systems)

5. "Nemesis Knight" (flagship of the Consistorium, have heavy armor, shields and dark mattery weapons)



Interesting ships :)

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