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The Rebirth mod for Homeworld Remastered has been and will remain being on halt until our plans can be implemented.

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The Rebirth mod for Homeworld Remastered has been and will remain being on halt until our plans can be implemented.

As much as I have been trying to avoid publishing this bit of news, we have been forced to go on a break, here it is. Due to the fact that we are unable to modify existing ships to have them carry new types of modules (for example weapons), we are not able to implement a great number of our mechanic designs.

In addition, due to the way Gearbox's patching goes - and don't misunderstand this, the new features introduced are all fantastic - we are unable to continue working. We have spent many hundred hours when one of the previous patches (back in August) completely re-designed part of the modding data structure. What this means in practical terms is that the majority of our progress(which has been made in data files) has been reset. It was a very easy decision for us to simply wait it all out, until Gearbox has finished their patching work, and we can once again start working in the safe knowledge that our work will not be undone by the next update.

Please consider to accept my apology for having decided to wait a long time to share this piece of unpleasant news. Clearly shoving it under a rug is no use at all. I also hope that no one considers this to be hostile towards Gearbox. Naturally the team is quite upset with things, but we are also happy to have the changes happen that Gearbox is bringing.

In a bit of personal news, I have been busy with work: I am currently the balance team lead on Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. You can check its announcement out here:
Additionally, I am currently looking at an opportunity to join the Halo Wars 2 designer team at Creative Assembly - only waiting for the final steps, such as the contract, so hopefully that goes well too.

Regardless of the above though, I will make time to be able to direct this project properly... as soon as we are realistically able to make the changes we need to make. Until then, we'll hang in there, and we hope that each of our followers out there will, too!


Hold on there, YOU are part of the Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon balance team?


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Nakamura14 Author

Hi there, yes I am. If you would like to talk about that, let's do it privately :) Either PM me here or add me on steam:

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How about a concept forum on ModDB.

Where instead of the images section, progress about a concept can be journalled and commented on in a encapsulated manner.

There is always time for more concept pictures.

Even if you do not get to render them into reality.

All concepts could become real one day, especially this early in the modding scene.

Be safe and enjoy yourself.

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