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After a short/long break from modding I'm getting back into the swing of things and looking to you to help flesh out some ideas.

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I'm pleased to be able to give a quick update on the Nephilim faction. Similar to the Plague , my journey with the Nephilim began in 2010. It's been a long time and I'm happy to be working on the mod again.

Nephilim Update

As you'll see in this post the Nephilim faction is still not quite finished for Rebellion, but many changes have happened. I'm still working out how Nephilim have evolved since Rebellion but they are much more visually compelling than I could accomplish previously thanks to models obtained via purchases or from allowable sources like SolCommand. I'm excited about the new look Nephilim offers as it's closer to the feel I wanted originally. Anyone who has modded though understands the difficulty in acquiring and integrating assets.

And now to the changes...

The Nephilim chanters have reached out to the heavens revealing many new technologies and gifts.
Research: Ideas needed. Currently have stubbed in some Advent rebellion researches.

hudicon_nephilim Nephilim Titan Factory
hudicon_nephilim Genesis class Titan


  • ability_nephilim_titan Twighlight Energy - Manipulate Twilight Energy into a crushing beam.
  • ability_nephilim_titan Twighlight Conjuration - Create new ships based on your thoughts and feelings.
  • ability_nephilim_titan Stellar Manipulation - Summon the ethereal power of the stars to make planet crushing moves.
  • ability_nephilim_titan Transcendant Form - Possess a godlike form that surpasses mortal bodies and gain incredible power.
  • Titan abilities are currently a work in progress and will change how they are implemented some as they are fleshed out more fully. Think stubbed in functionality right now with a concept to work from.

Abnegation Class Corvette (Model Pending)

  • Sacrificial Release - The Abnegation corvette purges itself from existence when near death reducing the damage received by nearby capital ships, cruisers and frigates.

New Capital Models

hudicon_nephilim Archangel Battleship
hudicon_nephilim Ravager Battleship
hudicon_nephilim Leviathan Carrier
hudicon_nephilim Watcher Battleship
hudicon_nephilim Babylon Destroyer

New Logistics Models (Holy Shrine, Temple of Wrath, Temple of Bliss: see image above)

The next release will also be 1.82 compatible and will support the current 1.82 FoK on the forum.


i see stargate ships or are those pyramids buildings :)

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I think they're the new research stations.

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ooh yay!

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Glad to see you still in action ZombiesRus5!

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