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A new version of Realms is now available, with balance changes, new objects and maps

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A new version of Realms is now available, with significant balance changes. The most notable of these is to demolition ships, which have never been very powerful against other navies. They've been made a bit more expensive and given appreciable bonuses against ships, and a much larger bonus to buildings.

1.81 also comes with assorted bug fixes and new objects, including five more cliff types from Expanding Fronts mod that have been incorporated into appropriate maps. And of course, a few more maps have been included: an Allied Vision version of Arena, a Black Forest variant where trees can not be destroyed by siege weapons, and a map only made possible with some of Userpatch 1.5's new features:

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I love this mod. I been playing since about one year ago and it's very very cool. But, as all the good things, it have a low point: the AI. It's really frustrating to play against such an easy AI player (most f the time I play alone)
I have a suggestion: What about to give Turks a buff to play 1vs1? Cheaper units or at leats pikeman. 1vs1 they are too weak

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Jorritkarwehr Author
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Making the AI better is something I haven't really developed the skills for, unfortunately. If you haven't found it already, you might try the Principality AI that comes with the mod (accessed with the dropdown to left of "Computer").

I'll think about doing something for the Turks. Generally I want to leave original teams alone, but their weakness is extreme enough that it might warrant changing.

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