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New Props and skins! These are not brush-props. 10+ skins will be included for most models, brining LOTS of variety to what you see.

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Ok folks, Ive been doing some serious reskins and creating actual props - not Hammer-brush-props to use in the game. Ive started simple: a soda machine with several skins, (including candy/snacks) a sci-fi style crate with over 10 different skins, and a couple of rudimentery consoles. The consoles pictured are prototypes - not the finished product. They are simply to get an idea of the shape and size, and play around with some texturing on them. The consoles will be reconstructed at a later date with rounder shapes and better textures.

Im using Propper to start, but there is a lot that can be done with this wonderful tool. Ive also been working with Blender more, learning a bit more than how to make barrels and crates. I still create new textures every day - I just dont have the places they go constructed yet so be patient. I am well on my way to 200 custom textures at this point. My screens insofar simply show one deck of the station, so I cant really toss all of the color schemes and wall patterns at you just yet.

This coming week Im going to spend more time in Hammer, actually constructing what I have planned out so far. Hopefully by the end of the week Ill have some new construction screens, and take you out of the corridors and into some of the more interesting areas!

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