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Discussing the finishing of In-Dev versions. Maybe 1 or 2 more updates before Alpha!

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Well, ladies and gentlemen. I've come to a pretty big stopping point in my mapping and gaming for SCP-847. Forgive me if I wish not to disclose TOO much information, as I still wish for people to be surprised and scared of gameplay mechanics.

My ORIGINAL idea was to make the player feel helpless in this game environment, but as I had no clue how to do that, I decided to give the game a basic objective.I am going to work for a while on redoing the maps. I have the door models finished and animated, so I am probably going to work on making this all into 1 big map. However!

There is a lot that I cannot do without a long time learning how to code Javascript and C# both. I plan to do this, but I want to make sure I have everything else that I can do finished first. So, I am going to give a basic color coded list of what I plan to add, what I'm doing, and what I've done.

(+) Added content
(-) Removed content
(*) Changed content
(!) Bug fixes
I am working on this
I have not started this
I have finished this

-In-Dev v0.4 plans-

(+) Add doors that actually work.
(+) Add a more immersed intro
(+) Add scripted scenes to explain the story
(-) Remove poorly made "Item Get" script
(*) Changed or replaced intro to coincide with the new one
(*) Make flashlight a little less bright
(!) Fix buggy jumping mechanics


Never give up, that's all I can say...

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