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I am bringing exciting news! Dead Year is once again entering development! You probably remember all the updates that happened over the summer, and may wonder why those updates have stopped.

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Well, the answer to why the updates have stopped is that I built myself a new PC mid-july, and lost the source code and all assets for Dead Year. Previously, Dead Year was being built in Game Maker: Studio, and since getting the new PC, I have considered re-developing Dead Year, but in a better engine. I have chosen Unity as it is easy and simple, yet very powerful when it comes to graphics and code. Dead Year will continue to be developed by a one person team, so please be patient with the updates. Since I am changing to a 3D engine, the updates won't be as plentiful, because it takes more time and effort to create thing in a 3D engine then a 2D engine, nonetheless there will be updates! My goal is to release at least one update a week, hopefully more.

There will no longer be openly released playable builds, but I will post videos of Dead Year and it's progress to the IndieDB page and the website. I have chosen this path as I feel it will be better for publicity, and might gain Dead Year more followers and fans. Instead, I will create a purchase link on our website, , where you will be able to pre-purchase the game. I am not sure how this will be set up yet, but I will decide this when the time comes.

Dead Year will no longer be a top-down game, I have decided that making it an FPS would be alot better, and would allow me to maybe add Oculus Rift support*. I have a todo list that I wish to accomplish before releasing the pre-alpha*:

- Design a good camera angle and controls
- Custom sounds
- Custom weapon models
- Decent zombie AI
- Base-building
- Finish 50% of the map
- Get basic multiplayer working
- Destructible environments
- Leveling and Skills system

I will post videos on the things on this list, showing that I have accomplished, or have almost accomplished, the things on the list.

Thanks for taking time to read this, and hope your excited for some more news on the re-development of Dead Year,

- Dawson "Rafficka" McMillan

Founder of Dexxugames,
Dead Year Project Lead.

* this is undecided, but would be awesome.
** un-decided if releasing pre-alpha to public.

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